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These are the reasons why your hair does not grow faster (and the solutions to show off your mane)

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While the universe is worried about the quarantine ending and the hairdressers reopening, you wonder why your hair does not grow and you have not been tempted to get hold of the scissors. It may not be a problem right now, but why your hair growth is stagnant? Is it that you will never wear a lush mane again or do beautiful hairstyles?

The reasons why your hair does not advance and the centimeters do not accumulate can be several and, sometimes do not depend solely on the treatments you apply to your hair. Because hormonal imbalances also have an impact on your scalp and the health of the thyroid can lead to a general loss of the scalp, which will make your hair look thinner and thinner.

The diet we follow also influences the general growth of your hair. AND It may not be what you eat, but what you don't eat, which makes your hair not grow long and strong. Lack of nutrients and vitamins A, D and E can lead to poor hair health. The absence of iron, zinc, niacin, fatty acids or folic acid may also be relevant when relating our diet to the state of our hair.

The passing of the years also influences our hair, since as we age, it thins. And this can be more serious if hair thinning runs in families. The miniaturization of hair follicles is a process that occurs in those who have a predisposition to androgenetic thinning of hair. And it is that the deeper the follicle, the longer and stronger it will grow.

Finally, another reason why your mane has lost strength and density is excess heat. The dryer and the iron can be ideal to give us a hand when it comes to taming our mane, but if we use them too much they can harm it. As if we bet too often on overly tight braids, extensions or hairstyles that force the scalp, or if we are fond of chemical straightening or dry shampoos that can clog hair follicles.

To help our hair solve this problem, it is recommended, in addition to dispensing with all harmful products, massage the scalp to stimulate growth. Shampoos that care about follicle health are ideal for fighting miniaturization of hair. And if we believe that the problem is in the diet, the most advisable thing is to consult a specialist before launching into taking supplements and vitamins.