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These are the best times to wear red lipstick

Los mejores momentos para usar lápiz labial rojo

Trends come and go, and what is fashionable one day, in a few weeks is completely forgotten; Except for the red lipstick, that small little bar of color that is able to improve any outfit and make the woman who uses it feel powerful.

The red lipstick is like the black cocktail dress: feminine, elegant and timeless. In addition, science has proven that we are more attractive when we use it. If you have never tried using it, it is a good time to start doing it and here we tell you and we assure you that once you know it, you will never let it go!

During the day

Girl with red lipstick

At night

girl in bar

When you wear glasses

girl with glasses and red lips

To go to brunch with the girls

red lips girl

In the presentation of your new project

girl with red lips

On the first date

girl painting her lips

At your graduation

girl with red lips

Your wedding day

bride with red lips


girl with red lips and heart shaped glasses

When you need to lift your mood

girl with red lips

Any time is ideal for red lips!

Red lips