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these are its beauty and health benefits why you should consume it

these are its beauty and health benefits why you should consume it

How many calories does watermelon have?

About 30 for every 100 grams! Have we convinced you to try it yet?

4. Free yourself from impurities

Another of the benefits of this fruit? It has astringent properties, which means that it reduces skin impurities, such as open pores, acne and excess oil on the face (as it helps to reduce the excessive secretion of oils on the skin).

5. Restorative effect

The vitamin C that watermelon contains is not only flattering to raise your body's defenses, It also helps the rapid healing of wounds.

How do you do it? Watermelon stimulates the production of collagen and again connective tissue, key components in the regeneration of the skin.

And as an added benefit, by increasing collagen production, it will help you maintain a firm, young and healthy face.

6. Lowers blood pressure

Health experts say that eating watermelon is often a great remedy to lower blood pressure levels, due to its high potassium content (which gives this fruit a vasodilatory effect).

7. Goodbye to muscle aches!

Watermelon also has L-citrulline among its components, which is an amino acid that helps relax muscles and decrease pain.

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