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There is a new makeup collection inspired by Sailor Moon, AND WE NEED IT!

There is a new makeup collection inspired by Sailor Moon, AND WE NEED IT!

If you are a fan of anime, then you were sure to get excited about the swimsuits of sailor Moon that have just been announced, just like us. Well, then we recommend having your savings ready, because if you are also a lover of the beauty world and have all the products that are beautiful, we have the best news in the world: We will have a makeup collection totally inspired by Sailor Moon!

The brand that has decided to launch this Sailor Moon makeup collection It's Color Pop, and well, they've hit everything with the beauty of this kit!

O-M-G! The best thing in the world is that from the cases they are A CRAZY of how beautiful they are. You will see Moon (Serena's kitten), as well as other details that allude to the heroine of all the girls fans of Sailor Moon.

This collection is made up of blushes in different shades (where peach predominates), gloss in pink tones, a palette of shadows with many shines (we could not wait less, we are talking about sailor Moon!) and of course, some glitter that you will not only want to wear at parties, but Every day of the rest of your life.

In general, this makeup collection of sailor Moon It stands out for its bright colors that go in total harmony to the mood of the series. We hope Color Pop decides to launch something inspired by the rest of the Sailor Scouts (We would die for something from Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Saturn, they were our favorites! And in any case, What color palette inspired by a Sailor Scout would you like to see?

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