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The true meaning of the semicolon tattoo

El verdadero significado del Tatuaje de punto y coma

Each tattoo It has a story that must be told, celebrated, shared and, above all, experienced. A particular design not only attracts the attention of the rest of the people who see it, but we can also talk to it, without actually doing so. It is what happens with a certainly particular design that, for a few years, has become a tattoo of power for its meaning, and above all, for the symbology it conveys. It is the case of semicolon tattoo, which has not only become a real trend, but a symbol of a real silent fight. What is your true meaningAnd what do we mean to others (and ourselves) when we choose it as our next tattoo?

The true meaning of the semicolon tattoo

Why a semicolon tattoo? What is its true meaning?

In writing, when we write, we tend to use the semicolon when we join two sentences that, in short, are closely related. We could say that the first part of the sentence could be a complete thought, with its own meaning, alone. However, instead of finishing the sentence with a “period,” the author decides to keep it, meaning that the sentence is not yet over.

In the context of mental health, prayer is your life. Thus, the semicolon is the decision to continue living. So, the semicolon tattoo represents the fact that we have full power over ourselves.

And, in addition, we can continue fighting, even when we feel like giving up and ending our lives. Definitely, we are faced with a tattoo that has become a symbol of mental health recognition. That is, people use it in order to remind themselves that they must stay strong, remember the losses of their loved ones, and also show support for others.

As we can see, they are two very small brands, but with enormous power, and with a simple but spectacular meaning.

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The real story behind the semicolon tattoo

It all started with Amy Bleul, just at the moment when she released her fight story. A person who, from a young age, learned to endure and fight. According to his account, at the age of 6 his parents divorced, deciding to move in with his father and his new wife.

Living with her father was simply great, until the moment when her stepmother began to mistreat her, not only physically or mentally, but also emotionally. And he endured those abuses until they separated her from her father and put her in state custody. He remained there until his true mother went after her, at the age of 8.

Point and Comma tattoo

Moving on was not easy, since the situations of abuse ended up making a dent in it, to the point of looking for unhealthy types of care, and choosing not so appropriate paths. Thus, at the age of 13 she was raped for the first time.

Instead of comforting and reassuring her, they blamed her for a crime she evidently did not commit. He spent the next five years in the most absolute darkness and loneliness. He even lived under medical treatment, with drugs commonly used for the treatment of mental illness, although he was never diagnosed with one. In the end, he ended up falling victim to self-injurious behavior, and repeatedly tried to take his own life.

But everything changed in 2013, when his father died of suicide. The young woman wanted to honor her father, and raise awareness about mental health problems. He decided to found ‘Project Semicolon’, a non-profit organization whose goal is to restore both hope and confidence in people suffering from self-harm, depression, addiction, mental illness and suicide.

And that's how the semicolon tattoo meaning, since we use a semicolon when an author might have chosen to finish his sentence, but nevertheless decides not to. Definitely, the author is you, and the phrase is your life.