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The tips and tools to feel comfortable and safe in your own skin

One of the things that brings more confidence, freshness and comfort in day to day, is smell good and have the confidence to raise your arms without penalty, we must confess it! Regardless of the activity you do inside or outside the house, giving off a clean aroma and having healthy and impeccable skin is a revelation of personal care that, automatically, increases the attitude to face any situation. And beyond talking about perfumes or other beauty products, we mean that pleasant feeling when a few drops of sweat appear in the armpits and, even so, you are sure that you smell good and you don't have to worry about this area. Have you experienced it?

To live this dose of self-confidence on a daily basis, you have to think about the right allies, not only to keep the aroma under control, but also to feel free in your own skin. Do we tell you a secret? Nivea you are one step ahead and have just what you need to do it. Now you just have to follow these tips and dare to use the tools to your advantage.

The deodorant: your best protection ally

The safety of smelling good at all times begins with cleaning habits and two of them have to be your foolproof endorsements: grooming and the use of antiperspirant. Both are basic that help to combat impurities that cause bad odor, but the plus of antiperspirants and deodorants is that you can apply them as many times as necessary to keep you protected and confident throughout the day. Remember that a self-confident woman is capable of overcoming any obstacle that comes her way.

Underarm care: your trusted tool

It is a fact, show some nice armpits with pride it gives you as much security as that of showing off your luminous face and without a drop of makeup, did you know that? So, if you want to increase your level of self-confidence, it is time to stop hiding behind the long sleeve and start worrying about taking care of this area, especially if the spots prevent you from feeling free in your own skin. The good news is that to achieve this you no longer have to resort to costly time-consuming treatments, since the Nivea Lilac Extra Clarifying Serum It has a faster and more effective solution for your armpits.

This NIVEA antiperspirant combines the technology of a serum with that of a antiperspirant, to offer care and protection in the same application. The formula contains a high concentration of vitamin C (10 times more to be exact) that penetrates deep layers of the skin to remove stains that arise over time, shaving or hormonal changes, and it's all thanks to its light and fluid texture that accelerates absorption. Include it in your daily routine to take care of the armpits, recover your natural tone and regain your confidence in no time.

The extra scents: a plus to feel comfortable

Keep the odor under control with the antiperspirant It is already a point that increases security in yourself, but that it also contains a pleasant extra aroma, definitely improves your mood.

In addition to transporting you to memories, fragrances also have a positive effect depending on the notes; for example, the floral ones, like those of the Nivea Lilac Extra Clarifying Serum inspired by lilac flowers, they bring a subtle touch of relaxation, freshness and serenity to your skin, which does not compete with the perfume you bring, but rather complements your style and provides comfort every time you apply it.

Glamor TALKS x NIVEA: lessons learned to feel more comfortable and safe in your own skin

After sitting down to talk with Rosshanna Bracho and Soph Ceja in our last session of Glamor Talks, These talented women shared extra tips to take care of us and feel more powerful in our own skin (both emotionally and with the correct beauty tools, including NIVEA antiperspirant).

This is what we learned:

1. Use an antiperspirant that makes a difference to you

Applying an antiperspirant is important to be more comfortable, even if others do not notice it. If you choose one with aroma and that will also help you feel safe for its properties, such as Nila Lilac Extra Clarifying Serum, use it for your well-being and for no one else. These small changes raise your self-esteem.

2. Be aware of what you apply to the body

Remember that caring for your face is not the only thing that matters. You must be aware that the skin absorbs EVERYTHING that is applied to the rest of the body and, therefore, it is necessary to be sure that the assets behind it will not irritate. On the contrary, you have to start looking for ingredients that promote skin health, with delicate formulas in the products of body care.

3. Accept yourself, love yourself and take advantage of beauty tools

A great gesture of self-love is accepting yourself from head to toe and realizing that real beauty is perfect in all its forms (you don't need to go into 'boxes' to be beautiful), but the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of the elements of beauty that help us feel better! They are the best way to join the #selflove! Perfumes, skincare products, masks and even antiperspirants can be the best allies to raise our self-esteem and make us feel more secure in the face of any challenge.

4. Take care of yourself for health and self-love!

Understanding that the skin is the organ that protects, regulates temperature and has other functions in the body, is reason enough to know that it must be taken care of for health. But remember, taking care of yourself also means loving you, from the products you put, to the habits you carry in your day to day. It is up to you to be consistent in building the best version of yourself.

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