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The supermarket shampoo of less than 2 euros with which I recovered my hair and forgot about frizz

Pincha en la imagen para ver siete champús que salvarán tu melena del cloro, la sal y el sol este verano

Despite having followed advice from professionals such as those Olivia Palermo includes in your hair routine and trying a host of products, I only managed to recover my hair and have a shiny, healthy-looking and frizz-free mane thanks to two Lidl products. Yes, you read it right. It is more than proven that in the supermarket you can find high-end products -such as the dry oil of less than six euros or the anti-aging ampoules of Mercadona that are sweeping- with which orget very good results and spend very little. And it is the case of the professional range for hair which is for sale at Lidl.

Due to external agents, the use of heat products such as irons or dryers and even with age and the passage of time, my hair had suffered and lost that shiny and silky effect. Despite cutting it regularly, take care of it avoiding heat and applying moisturizing and nourishing masks regularly, I couldn't save myself from frizz and a dry and lifeless appearance. And although I have tried different products that claim to solve these problems, it was the Lidl shampoo and conditioner that brought me back my hair.

It's about the one hundred professional range, Lidl's beauty and hygiene brand, and specifically I talk about professional keratin shampoo, which wraps the hair and protects it against dryness and costs only 1.79 euros. It has a restorative formula that restores the hair's natural vitality and leaves it shiny and silky. But most importantly, it gently cleans damaged and damaged hair and helps balance the scalp.

Some effects that I noticed shortly after using them and that increased thanks to the use of the conditioner of the same range that I apply right after using the shampoo. A product with a formula that has keratin as the main ingredient and that ensures that damaged hair remains silky and flexible, easy to comb and does not weigh down. Its price? 1.49 euros. A treatment of just over three euros with which I noticed results in a very short time and with which I've almost completely forgotten about frizz. Little word.