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The secrets to a young, healthy and active metabolism have been revealed

The secrets to a young, healthy and active metabolism have been revealed

There is no anti-aging cream to keep you going young for longer, We had to say it! Although these help in the process, the true elixir of youth is a conscious and balanced lifestyle. But beware, we are not saying that aging is wrong, quite the opposite! We must learn to normalize that life is a cycle and that it is essential to love each other at every stage.

This will make us look much more radiant at the age we have and proof of this is the French model Yazemeenah Rossi, who tells us what he does in his day to day to achieve it. Find out below and discover, with real testimonies, how to have a younger metabolism.


Yazemeenah Rossi She has been a model for firms such as YSL, Frederic Castet for Dior, Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler, Givenchy, among others, in addition to participating in commercials and feature films by renowned directors. She is also a mother and was a wife, but at the age of 65, his rhythm of life is much calmer and that is just the key he shares with us to stay young.

“It is important to go easy, enjoy the simple things and what makes us feel good about ourselves. Connect with your intuition to know what is good for you and protect your being. " So that, Yazemeenah Rossi He tells us that he bases his diet on natural and fresh foods, practices yoga and active meditation, connects with nature and does not worry about the quantity of things he does, but rather the quality of them.