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The secret to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

The secret to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

Stretch marks are the number one enemy when it comes to aesthetics in pregnancy and more than anything after we all want to be like before pregnancy without marquitas.

We look for magical solutions to avoid leaving our skin marked after pregnancy but there are only the solutions that I will mention later in this article so that you do not fight against future stretch marks.

You should not trust yourself because you are young or because you never had a stretch mark, nor should you put aside this issue because you already have stretch marks on your body and one more will not do anything, but quite the opposite you can prevent for later no To regret something that I assure you is almost impossible to remove without surgery.

Stretch home remedies do not work effectively. Do not legs time!

If you want to eliminate the stretch marks caused by pregnancy, the solution is prevention.

Creams, almond oil and hundreds of products will be one and another tool that can help prevent but none will take it away.

Why do I confirm this outright? because I am a mother of triplets and you will imagine that more than anyone in the world my stomach was stretched having three babies in it and after pregnancy not suffering from any stretch marks for the care and prevention I did, and I wish you can do.

Many of the women who are pregnant begin to notice some marks on the body that did not have them before but we must bear in mind that they cannot always be avoided because it also depends a lot on the care we had before becoming pregnant, and this is not Only one problem that multiple breasts have is also for those of a simple pregnancy because this problem concerns us all.

I tell you my experience I am usually one of the people who put a lot of cream and spend fortunes on them, I try to buy good brands to take care of my skin, now that I am pregnant with triplets I tell them that my skin both belly, thighs and breasts They are stretching a lot to the point that it seems transparent paper, many times although I have it moisturizes my skin, it itches a lot that means that it is asking me for a little more cream, never scratch and much less with nails because the only thing you will achieve will be to mark the skin or make a wound the skin of pregnant women is much more sensitive than any other. prevent-stretch-marks-in-pregnancy "width =" 570 "height =" 375 "srcset =" 570w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 570px) 100vw, 570px "/></p>
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What I do is always drink lots of water because that helps us stay hydrated, other things I do is put on a lot of cream leave the creams I bought because they had a lot of perfume, I asked my obstetrician which one he recommended me to use and he told me that the best one is Dermaglos, which contains Vitamin A Vitamin E and Allantoin which are essential to keep the skin very well hydrated, if you can have to use it in the morning and it is best to wear after the bath that the pores are more open, I recommend you not to bathe with very hot water because you raise the temperature of your body and that does not benefit your skin at all, always with warm water.

So friends to spread throughout the body cream and drink a lot of water that is what will help us not to suffer the horrible marks that can leave us the stretch marks of pregnancy.

Another recommendation is that you have to include a lot of your diet fiber and fruits which is what keeps the skin young, as well as having a good diet as I speak in this article of eating healthy in pregnancy

Conclusion to avoid stretch marks when you are pregnant

1) Drink lots of water

2) Spread cream containing both vitamin A, E and Allantoin

3) Healthy Food of Fruits and Fibers

To avoid stretch marks if you are pregnant eat healthy, drink water and use cream that hydrates the skin.

Well dear friends in the market there are many brands of creams that we can find to use when we are pregnant, so you just have to check with our doctors and they will tell you which one is the best, so I already gave you some of the tip that I use in my pregnancy and I tell them that I am giant with a belly that is going to explode but luckily I have no marks that I have to be regretting for that reason I tell them to put a lot of cream, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit and cereals.

Greetings to all moms and to enjoy pregnancy that we all know is a unique moment.