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The pleasure of calm skin or how to prevent itching of the skin: discover XeraCalm A.D.

Mmmmmm what a pleasure! … There is nothing better than scratching our skin when it itches … Or … Is there anything better? Well yes, there is, and it is have perfectly balanced, hydrated and flexible skin that never bites. But that is not always possible because there are people who They suffer from pruritus or atopic skin. To give relief to all these people or to those who promptly suffer from itching crisis, Laboratiorios Avène they have formulated the product line XeraCalm A. D, from which we have proven its effectiveness and that we have been especially struck by its fun communication campaign: Relief-Me. Do you want to smile? We encourage you to watch this video!

Eau Thermale Avène has formulated a product line that comes to give solution to people who suffer from this annoying itching sensation. According to the tests they have done, since the first month pruritus decreases 97%, and that is thanks to the fruit of the 12-year investigation.

XeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Cleansing Oil from AvèneXeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Cleansing Oil from Avène

One of the main assets of the new line XeraCalm A. D de Avène It is your most appreciated Avène Thermal Water, which includes a unique and specific microflora, called Aqua Dolomiae. This gives rise to important active substances that explain part of the calming properties of Avène Thermal Water. From the Avène Thermal Water a unique biotechnological asset, the I-modulia®, has been developed, which has demonstrated its important effects on pruritus, inflammation and skin immunity. The result is a new active especially indicated for the treatment of dry skin that suffers pruritus and atopic skin.

The XeraCalm A.D range

Avène Thermal Eau He has developed a complete care program consisting of:

  • XeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Cream from AvèneXeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Cream from Avène
    XeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Balm from AvèneXeraCalm A.D Relipidizing Balm from Avène

    Relipidizing Cleansing Oil. Its soap-free washing base gently cleanses the skin and protects it from the drying effects of water. It leaves the skin with a great feeling of well-being and can be used even during the atopy outbreak. Extreme skin, eye and dermatological tolerance. Your price: € 17.10 / 400ml

  • Balm Relipidizer Y Relipidizing Cream. They restore the skin barrier and relieve itching. The Cream is the most suitable for moderate dryness and the balm, with enriched texture, for severe dryness. They do not contain preservatives, perfume, alcohol or parabens. Both products have the same price (€ 17.99 / 200ml.) And are packaged to remain sterile from the beginning to the end.