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The only nail polish Isabel II is allowed to wear is super trend this spring and … ALL

We will never see a Windsor woman with the Red nails because they follow a strict aesthetic protocol. However, the entire range of beige, nude and pastel Yes, they are among his favorites because they are among the tones allowed by his aesthetic code: they are discreet, have a touch of modesty, they are very elegant and have an eternal tendency. We could say that they even have something relaxing, so this spring they would get back more than ever and the manicures What else will we see -and we are seeing- take us directly to the only enamel that the same Isabel II has been allowed for decades: it is tone Ballet slippers Of the brand essie.

How do we know that the Queen of England wears this nail polish? Very simple: on essie's website they reveal that it was lIsabel II's own hairdresser who called them in 1989 to ask for this polish, which was the only one that Her Majesty wore when painting her nails.

Only the name is already evocative, Ballet slippers, Ballet slippers. Thus, this tone is nude but has a subtle pink touch, it's shiny And it provides a healthy and uniform look to the nails when you wear it. It is one of the firm's classics, an authentic wardrobe that continues to be sold season after season.