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The newest in cosmetics for men

Hugh Laurie for L'Oréal Men Expert

90% of the communication is nonverbal. How we dress, how we move, how we look are signs that our interlocutor interprets before our words because they say so much about oneself. These signs include how our skin looks, our hair, how we smell … In short, how we take care of ourselves. A careful image can be your biggest success factor.

And it is that every day it is clearer that man can no longer be neglected. Logical, who takes care of his body and keeps it healthy and fit has many more advantages in our society that the one who forgets that the chassis is also part of the car. Y In a formula one, the body counts as much as the engine.

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The concern for the image is on the rise because In a cultured society, hygiene and good presence are important. Just remember that great civilizations such as the Greeks, the Romans or the Arabs considered hygiene a pillar of society and the bathrooms were authentic business and political forums. Today we do not reach much, although some companies have already seen the benefits of going to a spa to hold their congresses and meetings while they share a jacuzzi or have a relaxing massage. And it is proven that the good presence is decisive in any type of social relations, whether it is to get a good job or to flirt.

But, How to take care of yourself That is to say, What should a man consider? Lets start by the beginning. The basis of good skin is hygiene. A clean skin, without impurities or dead cells, breathes better and is prepared to receive any treatment that is applied.

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The second prop is hydration. Although the male skin is oily, and apparently better protected against dehydration, that does not free you from suffering the dryness caused by air conditioners, heating, tobacco smoke and air pollution, not to mention that every time there are more men who do risk sports outdoors.

90% of men do not use any type of sunscreen and it is estimated that 87% of the damages suffered by the skin are caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays (UVA / B). More: Only 8% of men regularly use a facial moisturizer. Good thing you started taking care of yourself!

Man's It is a hormone-dependent skin. Testosterone intervenes and modulates many of the characteristics of male skin, including sebaceous secretion and hair development.

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Your skin is thicker, more acidic and more fat than female (Yes, true, we always compare it with that of the woman, but it has been years of study of advantage!). Its greater richness in collagen and its more acidic pH protect man's skin better from external aggressions. That's why it is firmer, more elastic and more resistant Over the years and the signs of aging, read wrinkles and sagging.

Nevertheless, when wrinkles appear they are more marked than in women, especially around the eyes. This area has a tendency to retain water and eventually cause pockets of fat on the eyelids. Another feature is the increased blood flow and higher oxygen consumption, which makes the veins look more in the male face, especially in the nose, which may appear red or with veins that, over the years, may end up being marked in the extreme.


But the most notable feature on a man's face is undoubtedly hair: you have between 6,000 and 25,000 hairs on your face that appear at puberty, naturally associated with testosterone, and that are shaved daily, which supposes a brutal aggression for your face and that can eliminate every day a couple of layers of skin, leaving the skin unprotected against the action of bacteria and external aggressions.

10 reasons to take care of yourself

  1. To feel at ease. The main reason why a man should take care of himself is to feel clean and comfortable in his own skin and with his physical appearance. Just for that, it's worth it
  2. Do not hurt yourself. Shaving is a very strong aggression and you do it daily, often up to twice. Prepare the skin before with a product that softens the hair or with the shower water, choose gels and foams suitable for your skin type and opt for a balm or an after-shave gel instead of an alcoholic lotion


  3. Protect yourself from the sun. 87% of the damage suffered by the skin is caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays, which act even on cloudy and rainy days. Do not forget to use sunscreen daily
  4. Keep fat at bay. Your high testosterone levels are responsible for oily skin and the appearance of acne, even when you are no longer in the age for it. Use facial and body products for oily skin that balance sebum production but are not very aggressive, since you can cause a "rebound effect"
  5. Calm your thirst. Even if you have oily areas, you can have dehydrated or dry skin of the face due to air conditioning, heating or outdoor sports. Apply daily a facial moisturizer appropriate to your skin type and drink plenty of water: the skin also rehydrates inside


  6. Clean and healthy face. Men have a habit of washing your face with the hand soap bar or shower gel, which can weaken and even eliminate the protective barrier, the so-called hydrolipidic film. Use dermatological soaps (i.e., without soap) and non-aggressive products, especially if you have sensitive facial skin
  7. Renew yourself! Every week, exfoliate your face and body to remove dirt and dead cells and then apply a nourishing and restorative cream that strengthens the skin, tones it and gives it the necessary to be thoroughly repaired
  8. Don't wrinkle. Stress, work or drinks nights leave marks on the face in the form of bags, dark circles and small wrinkles around the eyes that end up being deep wrinkles. An eye contour will help you have a fresh image and no signs of fatigue
  9. Don't judge yourself. Aren't you going to get a manicure because they will say that it's from aunts? Since when do others think you care so much that you don't do what you want? Do not judge or let yourself be judged by macho stereotypes. Taking care of yourself is not something for women, but for people who know that the person who takes care of the body keeps the interior safe and in good shape. I assure you that I find more and more men doing manicures and pedicures, and I love it!

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  10. Increase your attractiveness. Women like (a lot!) That men have a careful appearance, that the skin looks healthy and clean, that the hands and hair are clean and tidy, that they smell good … Do not deprive yourself of taking care of yourself, you will increase your sexual attractiveness

They can help you

• Eucerin Men Silver Shave Shaving Gel. Shaving gel for sensitive skin and problems with anti-bacterial action, formulated to combat irritation, inflammation and possible infections derived from shaving thanks to silver ions, broad spectrum antiseptic and proven efficacy. 150 ml € 9. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

• Nivea Artic Freeze Refreshing Fluid After Shave Gel. Hgidratante gel after shave with guarana extract and a refreshing agent developed by the brand that relieves, provides freshness, moisturizes and rebalances the skin, reducing fat and shine. 100 ml € 4.49

• Ginkgo & Green Coffee 2 in 1 Shower Gel Body & Hair by Natuderm Botanics. Shower gel for body and refreshing hair, with gingko extract that activates cell metabolism, improves circulation, and stabilizes and revitalizes the skin, and extracts of green coffee and hammamelis with anti-inflammatory and firming properties, all active ingredients come from organic farming (BIO); without dyes, artificial aromas, mineral oils or dyes, dermatologically tested, for all types of even sensitive skin. 200 ml € 6.95


• Vita Lift 5 of L’Oréal Men Expert. Anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer with pro-retinol that acts against aging, activates cell renewal and softens wrinkles and expression lines, and cocoa extract that facilitates the combustion of fat (lipolysis), reaffirms and reduces swelling.

• Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Cold Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel. Contour of eyes of cold effect in roll-on that refreshes, revitalizes and deflates, acts against the bags, by its format it can be carried even in a pocket, 100% without perfume, suitable for contact lens wearers. € 30.50

• Gillette Instant Hydration Cream. Non-greasy formula that moisturizes and protects the skin thanks to vitamins B3, E Pro-vitaminB5 and UV15 sun protection factor that recover the skin's natural barrier. € 9.99

• Genuine Floïd Massage. A classic that returns to nostalgic or interested in recovering the past, the massage of a lifetime after shaving recovers a historical formula that soothes irritation and brings freshness, in two versions: vigorous menthol and gentle menthol; there is a special edition for lovers of vintage 400 ml 150 ml € 6.39; 400 ml € 10.95


• Sisleÿum for Men by Sisley. Anti-aging face treatment that fights all male signs of aging to apply after shaving (such as after-shave) that moisturizes, nourishes, repairs, prevents shaving irritation, mattifies the skin and eliminates shine, gives energy and vitality eliminating the signs of stress and fatigue, and acts against wrinkles and loss of firmness of the skin, in two textures: gel for normal, mixed and oily skin or for summer, and cream for normal to dry or winter skin ; It is used tomorrow and / or night, as needed. 50 ml € 174

• Max LS Age-Less Overnight Renewal Serum by Lab Series. Light-textured night renovating serum that repairs damage caused during the day and provides a bright and healthy appearance in the morning, contains an anti-aging molecular complex that activates the cell renewal process while you sleep and a mixture of antioxidants that prevents future damage . 30 ml € 49