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The new technique to lighten hair with a super natural result

The new technique to lighten hair with a super natural result

If you thought the only ways to lighten hair for a natural effect was with chamomile rinses, balayages subtle or colored baths, you should definitely discard that idea and try the Illuminage. It is a new technique that achieves sophisticated reflections, soft and bright as sunlight, without sacrificing the health of your hair. Find out all the details!

What is the Illuminage?

It is a technique that brightens hair – hence its name – with truly natural color transitions. The effect is a softly lighter shade, as if the sun reflected all the time on the mane. The light spots in this procedure are located in strategic places and no discoloration is required at any time. Thus, the mane looks healthy and free of damage.

How to request the Illuminage?

Even though the Illuminage It was a technique created by Wella to be carried out in specialized centers, the same firm tells us the key steps to achieve this: First, the top hair is divided into four parts and a formula is made with Illumina Color and Welloxon Perfect (1: 1). You can also apply a mixture of dyes (starting from your natural color and lowering two tones onwards) that is in tune with your skin color.

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