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The new hair technology that DOES NOT need to rinse

The new hair technology that DOES NOT need to rinse

The dry hair masks they ceased to be a dream and became reality, since their use is really effective, it does not require the classic rinse with water and join the trend of dry shampoo and dry conditioner. Did you imagine that this would become possible? Neither do we! Next, we tell you exactly what these products are, how they are used and what their benefits are.

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What are dry hair masks?

Also known as dry masks, these masks are treatments dry They are released through a sprayer. Upon contact with the hair, the restorative and nourishing effects of its elements are activated as the hours go by.

The best part? They do not need to rinse and are quick (and very easy) to place.

How are dry hair masks applied?

Simply shake the bottle well, apply by sections in the dry mane and disheve a little to distribute the entire product (such how dry shampoo is used) Some presentations suggest its use at night, so that the assets penetrate deeply – without contaminating the external agents – and take advantage of the process of nocturnal cell regeneration.

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