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The most controversial selfie of Miss Universe between Iraq and Israel

Esta selfie entre Miss Irak y Miss Israel desató una serie de críticas

The Miss Universe pageant brings together the most beautiful women in the world, so it sounds logical that friendly relationships are formed while they are in the dressing rooms or rehearsing the entrances and exits. However, that does not seem to be a good practice for some users of social networks.

When Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman and Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan came together to challenge the decades of hostility their countries are experiencing, they immediately initiated a series of criticisms and offensive comments.

The selfie most controversial of Miss Universe 2017

Miss Israel and Miss Iraq in a selfie of peace in Miss Universe

Everything happened in the preparations for the contest that was held in Las Vegas, when the representatives of both countries took a selfie and shared it on Instagram. Adar Gandelsman wrote the message: "Love and Peace from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel," followed by emoticons of hearts and symbols of love and peace.

Idan said that his Israeli companion was the one who asked him to take the photo with which he wanted to express peace between Jews and Muslims. However, some accounts expressed their anger over the publication of the photograph and the comments became a condemnation for hurting the entire Arab community.

Miss Iraq justified the reason why the picture was taken

Clarification of the selfie of Miss Israel and Miss Iraq Miss Universe

I want to underline that the purpose of photography was to express hope and desire for peace between the two countries. The photograph does not express any support for the government of Israel nor does it mean that it agrees with its policies towards the Arab territories.

Idan is the first woman to represent Iraq

Miss Israel and Miss Iraq in a selfie of peace in Miss Universe

He was born in Baghdad and studies music in the United States. She was aware that a photo with the ambassador of her historical rival would provoke the fury of her nationals, but she never imagined that comments filled with fury could saturate her social networks. Even so, he did not allow this to affect her and kept the image on his Instagram account.