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The Mohican hairstyle for women and men | 2020

peinado mohicano

Mohican hairstyleThe Mohican hairstyle It is one of the styles of modern hair that attract the most attention, and it is not that we say that it is a hairstyle for day to day since it is tremendously radical or at least that is what many girls think.

Wear hair Mohican style or also known as Iro, is a look that only consists of leaving the sides of the head very short, if not practically shaved, leaving the upper and back part longer creating a crest.

Origin of the Mohican hairstyle

Obviously by name we know what is its origin, from the natives of the United States who were annihilated in the colonial wars with the invasion of the English.

Many have worn the 80's beautiful rock and punk fashions, but it is true that today the most daring girls opt for this distinctive hair.

How to make a fake Mohican hairstyle so as not to lose your hair

Dare to make a Mohican hair only very few do it, because to hear that you have to shave your beautiful hair, a knot is made in the stomach just thinking that you may look bad.

I will explain how to do it without compromising your hair. Many celebrities, as singers and actresses have seen them in events and galas with this look and the next day they have their natural hair again and how do they do it ?, I explain it to you:

This effect is called a false Mohican hairstyle and simply consists of combing the lateral hair of the head very much, holding it perfectly backwards, making it appear that the lateral ones are very short or shaved. Even so to give more effect to the sides of your hair it is smeared with rubber bands or lacquers to leave the hair more crushed even if it fits.

As you can see it is a super simple effect to do and you can try it yourself, to see the result of how the Mohican would look if you decide to do it.

How to make a Mohican hairstyle for a woman

Mohican hairstyles images for women

Mohican hairs for men

It must be recognized that this style feels practically better for men than for women since they can use them in different ways, both casual and formal.

Now in 2020 the Mohican looks, they are usually seen many more times than we think and if I don't leave you some pictures of current Mohican men:

Learn step by step the Mohican hairstyle for men

Mohican style gallery for men