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The Minnie Mouse makeup on Sephora will drive you crazy

La colección de Sephora Disney Minnie se compone de siete piezas que evoca a cada una de las cosas que nos recuerdan a Minnie

Who didn't want to be like Minnie when she was little, with those big eyelashes, that pretty red bow and her outfit of moles? She was our first style icon when we were babies. That's why, and fortunately, Disney fans: get ready because then you'll see the cutest thing any girl can want. The Sephora makeup line will be launching a Minnie makeup collection in April and is as adorable as you can expect.

The Sephora Disney Minnie collection consists of seven pieces that evoke each of the things that remind us of Minnie. Perhaps the nostalgic element that our inner child brings out is what is making us love her, but without a doubt this is a collection completely for adults.

Sephora has created a range of Minnie Mouse makeup

Minnie mouse sephora makeup line

The range includes an eye shadow palette with 20 shades with neutral and bright colors, a set of 5 pieces of brushes, a compact mirror that forms Minnie's ears with polka dots in the design.

It has all the inspiration of Minnie, including the beautiful polka dots

Sephora makeup range with Minnie mouse designs

There is also a black and white line with felt liners that include liquid eyeliners and a Minnie blush in a soft pink hue.

Your lipstick is simply beautiful

Minnie mouse lipstick made by sephora

And last but not least, a bright red lipstick inspired by the original Minnie costume.