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The master tricks to keep hair super straight and frizz-free!

The master tricks to keep hair super straight and frizz-free!

We iron the hair, we apply the best straightening products and after a few hours we have frizz… yes, it is a cycle that we have all lived! And even when the hair is naturally straight, it is common for it to become fluffy or tangled if we do not know how to take care of it as it should.

But then what is the formula to end frizz? We didn't have it until we talked to Francisco López, hair specialist at Silvia Galván Image Studio, Who started by explaining what it is, to know how to attack it:

The frizz there are some hairs that are so damaged due to lack of hydration that they cause the scales that make up a strand of hair to open and absorb water from the environment, causing them to sponge and become rebellious, ”confirms Fernando.

To put a stop to the problem, despite the different causes and the type of hair, the expert revealed the infallible keys that they keep the hair super straight, Brilliant and nothing heavy throughout the day. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading!


Be careful with the shampoo

Fernando tells us that choosing a good shampoo is the first step for a perfect smooth But how do you know if you are using the right one? He suggests doing ‘the comb test’: “From hair growth, insert your fingers and slide them to the ends. If you notice that they stop at some point of the hair, this indicates the lack of hydration ”.