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the half mane is the most comfortable and most beautiful haircut

the half mane is the most comfortable and most beautiful haircut

For all this, wear a slightly long mane below the shoulders It is one of the trends that will prevail this spring and will continue to be so for the summer. And celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Saoirse Ronan or Margot Robbie they are the proof that it looks beautiful whether you leave it loose or decide to pick it up.

Half-mane: how to wear it loose and gracefully

It may seem that the half-mane is a boring haircut that doesn't allow for many options. It's at that point where you don't have super long hair but you can't say you wear it short either. But this length in no man's land gives much more game than it seems and if you do not believe it, look at the whole game that Scarlett and Margot get from taking it loose.

If you want a more elegant look, the model to follow is that of Margot Robbie, with the stripe to one side and the slightly wavy mane. But if you fancy something less elaborate for the day to day (although the waves so well structured would not clash at work), comb it with the streak in the middle Is the best option. It is much more natural, it provides a certain 90s touch and you can try waving the ends a bit, like Scarlett Johansson does, to play around with the volumes.