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The five haircuts that bring more volume to your hair and that are a trend in 2020

The five haircuts that bring more volume to your hair and that are a trend in 2020

If you are tired of always wearing the same look and you want to change, go ahead, but always keeping in mind certain tricks that will make your hair shine and look better than ever. If we already tell you about the seven trend haircuts in 2020, now we tell you how to get a hair with effect volume Y movement.

XXL mane with long layers

If you are more to wear melenon but you want to win volume, this is your look ideal. In addition to helping you achieve a mane effect voluminous, will help you to win in movement and you will be the envy of everyone wherever you go.

BOB cut

If you are one of those who are most favored by short hair, we also have the perfect cut to help you get more volume, and this is your ideal hair. To all this we add that it is super trend, which was in 2019 and, in 2020, will continue to be the most requested in many hairdressers.

>> Bob cut: the hairstyle of the season

Midi mane with bangs

This haircut is, without a doubt, for those who do not they are very bold but they need to change their look. The length it is perfect, neither excessively long nor too short and very becoming. In addition, it is ideal with fringe and will contribute a lot volume to your mane.

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Paraded mane

Although we think that this haircut is outdated, that is not the case and it will be more trend than ever in this 2020. It consists in cutting more the rear and leave the front strands longer. It is perfect for those who want to contribute more volume to its previous part of the hair. It is ideal!


Maybe it's all of these, the haircut more dared and we will never advise you to wear it if you are not used to such short hair. What we do know is that this cut is an important enhancer of volume and that is very important. In addition, it has a great roll!

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