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The favorite makeup products of Spanish women

The favorite makeup products of Spanish women

Birchbox speaks for all of us. The New York firm has carried out a study on the consumption habits of cosmetics of the different generations of Spanish women. The results show revealing data on the monthly investment in beauty, about the favorite purchase channel, about loyalty to brands or even about how they feel about themselves. The three generations analyzed: Generation z (15 to 20 years old), Millenials (21 to 34 years old) and Generation x (35 to 45 years old)

What perception do they have about their beauty

The three generations agree. And it is that 72% of women affirm that beauty depends, above all, on self-confidence. It is shown that feeling beautiful on the inside is just as, or even more important, than feeling beautiful on the outside. The study also shows that 5 out of 10 Spanish They only feel pretty sometimes and the parts of the body they like the most are the eyes (62%), lips (45%) and hair (43%).

What inspired them for their first beauty tips

Generation Z admits being inspired by media such as magazines, while for millennials their guru was a member of their family. For its part, generation x is much more self-taught in this regard, claiming that they were the ones who bought their first cosmetics unlike the other two generations. Teenagers in the 90s weren't allowed to put on makeup as much.

The women of the generation Z (43%) and the Millennials (42%) started applying makeup to cover redness and blemishes, but Generation X (37%) did so because they wanted to feel better about themselves.

The favorite products of each generation

The star product of the three generations is the mascara. An inseparable companion that allows our eyes to enlarge and shine on their own.

Teenagers of generation z choose below: the concealer (perfect for the first acne pimples), the lipstick and the scrub. Meanwhile, millennials opt for lipstick, blush, and moisturizer. X women also prioritize lipstick and blush, followed by moisturizer and eye contour.

On the other hand, the study shows that the average cost of Spanish women is 20 to 50 euros per month in cosmetics and that 49% put makeup on daily.

Shopping habits

The motivations of the three generations to to buy online They are: flexible hours, easy to find discounts and easy to find products. Among the failures they find in online consumption are shipping costs and the inability to buy before.

The buy offline It also has its advantages and is the recommendation of the clerk, the possibility of trying the product before buying it and the fact of being able to take it home at the moment. The disadvantages for all are the pressure from the seller and having to go to the store.

49% of Generation Z women consider the possible lack of stock in physical stores to be another important disadvantage. In addition, 6 out of 10 Spanish take advantage of promotions and discounts to buy your favorites as well as to discover new products.

Zapping with marks

More than half of Spanish women trust a beauty brand for two main reasons; by the recommendation of someone you trust (66%) and by the comments of other users (52%). For 51% of Millennials and women in the Generation X The composition of ingredients in their cosmetics also generates confidence, but 47% of Generation Z goes one step further and requires the presence of type labels. Bio, vegan, cruelty-free to believe in the brand.

And, although 58% of women affirm that only some products they use are always the same, 62% of Spanish women confess that they like to vary from brands; they don't care about the brand reference if they have the product they need. In this way, Birchbox offers the possibility of trying new products from different national and international brands and, in addition, adapted to the beauty profile of each user.

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