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The fabulous and unique 30's hairstyles

los peinados años 30

30s hairstylesBefore talking about the 30s hairstyles, say that this decade was the one that followed the great economic depression that was the crack of 29. In this period of human history there were many events that would end up leading to what was World War II .

But not everything in this decade was bad, there were several things that make this decade memorable, mainly cinema, which since 1927 had already acquired sound, at the end of the 30's in 1939 it surprised the world with the color thanks to the Wizard of Oz.

It is in the cinema and thanks to the Hollywood stars that begin to be marked the styles of the 30's hairstyles. At this time the actresses were a symbol not only of fame but also of style and good taste.

Something that characterizes the 30's hairstyles for women, and especially for actresses, it is the length of the hair and the undulations of it.

The hair was kept a little above the shoulders and the undulations were maintained thanks to different cosmetic products.

For this reason I want to present you the best haircuts and hairstyles that you can find in the decade of the 30's.

30's hairstyles for girls

How was the fashion of these hairstyles and haircuts 30s?

Without walking through the branches this hairstyle was widely used by women, easily prepared and with a youthful air for that time, overwhelming. Look how it feels and how good it looks:

Waves to the water, hair of the 30

One of the most popular hairstyles of this decade were the famous water waves, these were ripples that resembled the waves of the sea and were used by many Hollywood stars of the time. In most cases the use of water waves was done in short hair.

How are the waves made to the water in the hair? Video + steps

To achieve this hairstyle, the hair must be moistened. Then, with the hands, the waves that were wanted to be given to the hair were marked to achieve the desired effect and long tweezers were put on to hold them.

30s and 40s hairstyles

After this it was passed to the helmet dryer that managed to get the hair to dry evenly and globally, to finish and make the effect lasting, lacquer was applied.

The elegance, style and especially the popularity of water waves made them one of the 30's hairstyles.

But if you want to achieve a similar effect today it is also possible. You can do it with dry hair and making the waves with a ceramic iron, when you finish you apply a fixing product and that's it.

Looks with curls were all the rage in the 1930s

Another of the 30's hairstyles It was the Tube Curls. This is one of my favorites because it not only shows the style of an era, but also shows the social context of the moment, but well a lot of talk, time to tell you about this hairstyle.

30s hairstyles photos

In the time of depression many women began using curling irons, but over time it was shown that much time was required to make small curls and the vast majority of women opted for a large curl that took less time.

How was this effect and how was it done?

This effect is achieved when the hair tube is removed but the hair is not combed, this is how a large and perfect curl is left that contrasts with the rest of the hair that is left straight.

The curl is in the lower part of the hair and since at this time the short hair was used the curl was at neck height.

If you want to try to make this hairstyle it is recommended, but only by style, that you also make a large Tube Curl on your forehead. This will give you a style closer to the 30's and of course have the best products to perform the desired look.

The best cosmetic products to get a 30's style … Perfect!

30s makeup

Clothing and Clothing 30s

Quality hair straighteners

Accessories: tweezers, curlers …

Videos of 30's hairstyles to do at home step by step

Images of 30s hairstyles: long, collected, wavy …

30s makeup and hairstyles

Have you tried them yet?

These are just some of the 30's hairstyles, but believe me there are many more hairstyles that overflow style, but above all inventive of the time itself. You should not forget that if you want to surprise in a formal meeting with a stylish hairstyle, the 30s is for you.

If you already tried any of these two hairstyles leave us your comments and how you made them. Also, if you found this article useful for your hairstyles, do not forget to share it with your friends and tell them the hair we have here.