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the dye that will brighten your hair in spring 2020

the dye that will brighten your hair in spring 2020

The dyes in trend this 2020 They are no longer inspired by exquisite desserts, unlike last year. Now, the hottest is imitate natural elements through coloring techniques, be they flowers, water waves and even stones! In fact, the stone blonde and promises to be placed as THE hair color in spring 2020. Have you heard it yet?

Find out here everything you need to know!

What is the dye 'stone blonde'?

To contextualize more, the dye stone blonde It is a kind of balayage in ash blonde tone, but with highlights gilded that illuminate the mane and reflect the sun's rays in spring. (It's a cooler version than the honey hair which is also a trend in 2020).

Its name comes from the sweeping effect of chestnut to warm plating, which represents the different shades of mineral stones. Its advantages? It's a great anti-aging ally which manages to take several years off, does not make you look pale and looks radiant with any hairstyle.

How to order the dye 'stone blonde'?

Speaking of the dyeing technique, this will depend on the color of your hair. If he is already blond It should be nuanced with an ash dye, then blur shadows at the roots, then accentuate golden lights towards the ends and end with a soft gloss throughout the hair. If your mane is brown, You will need several sessions to bleach until you reach the ash, and then continue with the same method as we already mentioned.

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