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The color of nail polish says your personality

Lo que el color de tus uñas dicen de tu personalidad

Although women have probably passed absolutely all colors to our nails (from adolescence when we began to paint them, even when we paid for a manicure in the salon), perhaps you had never thought about which nail polish colors you choose with more frequently than others; And that's exactly what this guide of colors and personalities is all about.

All colors have an important symbolism for those who use it and those who look at it. The brain has different reactions to certain color combinations, and pathologically the tones that attract us most speak a lot about our personality.

1. Blue: you are a trustworthy woman

electric blue manicure hands trustworthy personality

The blue color in your nails represents confidence, that's why you have always been characterized by being a woman of speech and a lot of ethics. Although blue will not always be too attractive to some, you know that you always attract people who value the importance of friendship and trust.

2. Black: mystery personality

nail manicure black color mysterious personality

You are like the same color: you intimidate some but you are attractive to the intelligent people from whom you raise doubts about knowing your mysterious personality. You like that this color has power, elegance and formality.

3. Coffee: authentic and earthy

brown manicure brown earthly personality

The brown color always makes you distinguish yourself from others, as it is a rare color for a manicure. Color represents nature and earthlyness, especially a personality With feet on the ground; You consider yourself an organic woman in every way, although you are friendly you need a little time to meet new people.

4. Silver: a spiritual and mystical woman

nail manicure silver color spiritual personality

The silver color is a reaffirmation of your spiritual side full of mysticism; You are an emotional, feminine and very strong woman, you always follow your instinct that knows how to pay attention to your intuition. That's why your friends always come to you and rarely let them down.

5. Rosa: the femininity and tenderness of a woman

pink manicure cake nails female personality

You are more feminine than a Barbie, you love pink because it lets you play with a childish side full of fun and innocence in you. You have a jovial and very affectionate heart.

6. Red: passionate and sure of yourself

manicure red nails passionate personality

Red will always represent passion, but in particular when you use it on your nails you love it because it lets you take out the self-confident and romantic woman you are, even sensual.

7. Yellow: joy in your personality

yellow manicure cheerful and happy personality

Yellow has always been associated with the sun, so this color projects in you all your personality full of joy and happiness. You are warm as yellow. It also represents new beginnings and much optimism.

8. White: purity and innocence

nail manicure white color innocent personality and purity

White is the color of perfection; You like it because it symbolizes purity and innocence, cleanliness and neatness. You are a gentle, sweet and accessible person.

9. Orange: eternal optimistic

orange manicure nails optimistic personality

You are one of the women who can always see the positive side of things, you are very realistic and yet you are never afraid to take any risk. You are energetic and maybe people have trouble keeping up with your active life, that's why you always surround yourself with equally optimistic people.

10. Gray: undecided woman

gray manicure nails indecisive personality

You are an undecided person, because you live stuck between black and white; You have always felt a little more shy than others and with some fear of taking risks. Still you find very deep pleasures in getting ready and looking perfect no matter the occasion, you enjoy the neutrality of the gray to combine.

11. Skin color: intelligent and independent

nail manicure color skin independent personality

Skin colored nails always demonstrate an intelligent and independent personality. The neutrality of this color in the enamel you love because it goes with absolutely everything and is very accessible to combine, just like you; You are adaptable and you feel calm in virtually any social situation.

12. Gold: woman who pursues success

golden nail manicure trump personality

The golden color is the color of triumph, and you are a woman who pursues success like no other. You are competitive and ambitious when it comes to wellness in every way. You have a very sophisticated style and prefer to see you incredible on a Friday night than stay at home watching Netflix.

13. Green: nature lover

nail manicure green color natural personality

You are a natural woman who believes in the regeneration of body and soul; you are a person with a lot of confidence in yourself and you always find the balance easily, although you can be dominant, just like the mother (nature) within you there is a warm heart and you seek to nurture attention to those around you.

14. Purple: creativity and a lot of imagination

purple nail manicure creative personality

You are a creative girl and you have very strong your power of imagination, you always solve everything with creativity, because it is a gift that God gave you; and even though in general you don't believe in "god" you have always been very in touch with your spiritual side. You are an ambitious woman and very hungry for success.