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The cleanser that removes traces of sunscreen and leaves skin beautiful

The cleanser that removes traces of sunscreen and leaves skin beautiful

The image of that photo of a truck driver that went viral comes to mind because he had half of his face very old, full of wrinkles, and the other half much younger. It began to circulate on the Internet as an example of how the sun ages the skin and it is that that side of the older face coincided with the side where the sun gave the most while driving on the routes that it carried out. It is just an example, but it represents very well all this damage caused by the sun (not to mention, of course, the appearance of melanomas): expression lines very marked and deep, lack of light and dryness.

Thus daily sun protection is the best way to protect the skin, but also in one of the best anti-aging treatments. Of course, at night, when cleaning the skin, you have to take into account that sunscreen is one of the most difficult cosmetics to remove and therefore it is necessary to use cleaners that are capable of it because, surprise, not all of them are valid.

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"Due to its formula, sunscreen cosmetics are more difficult to remove, and if the skin is not cleaned well after using them, they can occlude pores and cause acne”, Explain us the experts in leather of Natura Bissé. "To eliminate them, you have to use cleaners that with contact with water form an emulsion. " Surely these cleaners sound familiar to you, right? They are usually the ones we use in the first step of our cleaning, many of them with bases in oil that when in contact with the water are transformed into a kind of cleansing milk. This type of cleaners are able to carry away the most difficult impurities to remove, such as makeup, pollution particles and, above all, sunscreen. They are also usually softer than soapy so they are also very good for sensitive skin.