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The "cinnamon roll" hair is the new look you were looking for

Pruebas de que el cabello a lo “cinnamon roll” es el nuevo look que buscas

Hair trends change almost daily, and when we finally get used to pastel colors, a new color comes to make our lives happier. There are some girls who do not totally love vibrant colors, so we are looking for something more serious but that fills us with glamor.

This is for girls who want to look blonde but without neglecting their brunette bases, of course this great combination is not shown with platinum colors. This new trend is called "Cinnamon roll" and is the new look what were you looking for. The color is inspired by the delicious cinnamon rolls, which of course we have all eaten sometime. The creation of this new trend is given to the renowned and talented stylist Ryan Pearl, his idea is that the color starts from a dark brown roots and then mix the rest of your hair with brown and blonde strips. You will definitely love this fantastic look.

1. Let's start by remembering the delicious cinnamon rolls

Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

2. This amazing hair trend is inspired by cinnamon rolls

Girl with brown-painted hair with blonde tips

3. The model Chrissy Teigen was the one who first used this style

Girl with cinnamon roll trending hair

4. It is certainly the color you will love this summer

Hair of a girl in brown with wicks of different colors

The idea is that this color starts with the roots in a dark brown tone and then mix the rest of the hair in fine blonde and brown strips, giving the effect of cinnamon roll

5. You choose if you want the tips to be more blonde

Girl with brown hair with blonde wicks

6. Even in short hair looks spectacular

Girl with short hair with blonde wicks

7. The effect on braided hair is fantastic

Girl with braided hair

8. If you don't want to braid everything, this is the perfect option

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tones tied with a braid in the middle of the head

9. You decide how thick or thin the blond and brown strands are

Girl with hair painted in cinnamon roll tones

10. This new color will give more illumination to the face

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone

11. With a cut long bob your hair will shine like the sun

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone in a long bob cut

12. East look of cinnamon rolls helps define your face, something like a contour For the hair

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone in a

13. In this way you will rest from the ombré tones forever

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone in a

14. The perfect combination between brown and blond

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone

15. It is totally glamorous

Girl with dyed hair in cinnamon roll tone in a long bob r cut