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The best YouTube channels to do zumba at home

The best YouTube channels to do zumba at home

To practice buzzes at home Maybe it wasn't your favorite plan before confinement, but after several months without going out, we are sure that you want to dance and move around a bit! That is why we look for Youtube channels that offer the best zumba classes to have fun while you make great body, and here below we share them. The movements will help you de-stress, reduce fat, improve coordination, and even tone your muscles. Add them to your daily training or practice them in your spare time!


Strong nation

Each movement is synchronized with the rhythm of the music, the routines are designed to tone the whole body and work with your own weight, and you can opt for classes with medium or high intensity. On their online page there are more live sessions in case those of Youtube they are not enough. And beware, although the movements look simple, they will really make you burn calories! Check here the wonderful benefits of parcticar buzzes.

Fit Seven Eleven

If you like Latin and organic dance more, this Youtube channel It's your choice. It is the classic zumba class where you are only dancing, having fun and releasing endorphins with all the music that invades your body. The sessions last 15 to 30 minutes and the instructors also offer other workouts at home such as pilates, meditation and yoga.