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The best tutorials to make hairstyles with IMPACT braids

The best tutorials to make hairstyles with IMPACT braids

We love braids, There's no doubt. Be braids boxers (also known as French), as a ponytail, fishtail or even a mohicana, the braids they can lift any outfit! As a sample, many celebrities have inspired us to wear braided hairstyles; for example, Shailene Woodley We have fallen in love with this top braid that looks elegant and very feminine:

And we know it, some of these Hairstyles with braids They are not SO easy, but you can always learn how to do them … Internet and her beautiful hairstyle tutorials can help you make some braids in your hair beautiful. Here we tell you our favorite videos, with tutorials on the internet to make braids.


To make you a good french braid, starts with the basics: a simple one. In this tutorial, you will learn how to braid your hair, with the classic french braid in the middle. Once you've mastered this braid, you're ready to experiment with your hair! You will need your hair medium long. If you have a bob it could come out, but surely several little hairs will come out of the braid, so we recommend using gel or mousse (and pins).


Once you know the basics of french braids, you are ready to do two, which is a hairstyle known as boxer braids too. Is a hairstyle that is distinguished by staying in its place (and therefore the favorite of many when it comes to exercising). It is the same technique as the braid simple simply amusing the hair in two. It is suggested hair long; if you have it short, use pins and spray to hold everything in place.

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