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The best tips to take care of your hair in autumn and reduce its fall

We are in full stage of hair loss, so taking care of it properly will help you reduce your hair loss and increase your health, density and strength. Take note of the advice we offer to take care of your hair in the fall.

  1. Wash your hair regularly. A clean scalp better assimilates the treatments or solutions that are applied to stop the fall. The PHT VolumeUP Shampoo Mousse deeply cleanses the hair giving it volume. Its combination with the PHT Tonic perfectly fights the seasonal fall.
  2. A good diet is always the best defense In any situation. In the autumn to combat this ‘molt’ we must increase the amount of foods that contain vitamin B12 such as red or dairy meats; biotin, which is found in foods of plant and animal origin as well as legumes; folic acid, present in vegetables, red fruits and citrus fruits; or zinc, which is in seafood and fish, lean red meats, lentils, cheeses or in fruits such as bananas. It should also include foods rich in folic acid such as vegetables, avocado, red fruits or citrus fruits, which promotes hair hydration. If the hair is not kept hydrated, the hydrolipidic layer is damaged causing the hair to become dry and rough, and can break.
  3. Prevents hair fiber breakage gently drying the hair with a towel instead of rubbing it and dispenses with collected braces. The choice of brush is also very important. Avoid brushes and combs of poor quality.
  4. Reduce the use of irons and dryers. The heat that these products give off affects the health of the hair and can make the fall more pronounced. The hair dries and becomes weaker. It is time to squeeze the best temperatures to the maximum and choose to let the hair dry in the open air.
  5. Massage the scalp and comb the hair gently. At this time when the hair is more susceptible it is convenient to brush the hair gently to prevent it from falling out and to perform small massages in the area to reactivate the circulation and awaken the activity of the follicles.
  6. Avoid using aggressive products. Chemists weaken the root of the hair, causing it to lose strength and shine. It is essential to choose products with soft and natural ingredients.
  7. Avoid collected braces. It is advisable to wear loose hair or pick it up gently. The tightness causes the hair to break and eventually fall out.
  8. Combat stress: When you go through complex situations and prolonged stressors it is highly recommended to practice activities to combat stress, such as yoga, pilates, dancing or any sport that helps release tension.

It can help you avoid hair loss

Hair in autumn, René FurtererRené Furterer

Triphasic Progressive Progressive Fall Protection, from René Furterer. The effective and global treatment against progressive hair loss. In the case of progressive hair loss, hair cycles are shortened and hair capital is exhausted prematurely. Its formula, with 3 active phases, acts in 3 decisive stages of the hair life cycle (Birth, Growth and Maturity) to slow down the fall, stimulate growth and prolong hair life. From the 1st month, the capillary density increases and the scalp is less visible. Its price: € 71.80 / 8 × 5.5ml.

Hair in autumn, American Crew,American crew

Fortifying Scalp Treatment, from American crew. Treatment without rinsing that revitalizes the scalp, strengthens the hair and provides volume. Formulated to feel stronger, thicker hair and thus prevent hair breakage. Your price: € 24.90 / 100ml.

Ducray Serum DensiageSerum

Densiage Redensifying Serum, from Ducray Its formula is enriched with Dexpanthenol (vitamin B5) and vitamin F (omega 3 and 6), which moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair. Immediately, it leaves a slight non-greasy film on the hair shaft, which strengthens and increases the diameter mechanically. In the long term, its assets act in the heart of the hair follicle to stimulate hair growth and protect it from external aggressions. 3 tubes of 30 ml./55$

Hair in autumn, DavinesDavines

Energizing Naturaltech Gel, from Davines Revitalizing and fortifying treatment for fragile hair with a tendency to fall. Slightly fix the hair, creating a slight finishing effect. Stimulates skin microcirculation. It is part of a family of stimulating products for scalp and fragile hair with a tendency to fall and preventive treatments of various forms of alopecia. With Hair Energy Complex, a compound that regulates the scalp and sebum production with proper hydration. Its price: € 27.70 / 150ml.

Hair in autumn, CapicapsCapicaps

Capicaps, from Menarini Consumer Healthcare. Food supplement that acts from the inside, at different levels, to help improve hair quality: at the epidermal level, in the sebaceous gland, the hair follicle and in the hair shaft. This global action favors optimal nutrition that helps to prevent hair loss, strengthen the structure and quality of the hair shaft, favor hair shine and growth and strengthen nails. Its price: € 22.50 / 60 capsules.

Hair in autumn, ArkopharmaArkopharma

Arkocapil Forte, from Arkopharma. Its formula is the most complete of the range providing amino acids (methionine and cystine) that form keratin (hair protein), vitamins and minerals. I emphasize in its composition the presence of iron, very interesting for women. Its price: € 17.80 / 60 capsules.

Hair in autumn, InnéovInnéov

Densilogy, from Innéov. Nutricosmetic specifically adapted to the woman's hair, which acts in the heart of the hair follicle providing essential nutrients to maintain the anchoring and growth of the hair. Although it can be taken throughout the year, it is especially in autumn, with hair loss, the perfect time to start using it and enhance the strength and beauty of our hair. Its price: € 29.55 / 60 capsules.

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