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The best punk hairstyles | Hairstyles

los peinados punk

punk hairstylesThe punk hairstyles they have nothing to do with the musical genre punk that was born in 1970, mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries such as: United States, England and Australia.

This new music was born under the clear influence of Garage Rock and Aggressive Rock, the latter being often called punk of the sixties.

This musical genre is characterized by having an independent attitude and counterculture. The melodies that accompanied this genre in the beginning were aggressive, the guitars used uncontrolled amplifiers and the noises were loaded with a lot of distortion; It was a violent and fast music that attracted a large number of followers.

All of the above is something that ends up landing in punk aesthetics. In the vast majority of cases, people who follow punk can wear leather jackets, high shoes and pants with tube boots.

It is very common perforations as well as tattoos in punk aesthetics.

But perhaps what makes punks more visible and their aesthetics are the punk hairstyles.

These are mostly characterized by being Mohican hairstyles and many of their variations, in addition to having different colors of very striking dyes.

The punk hairstyles for the girls

The girls have been the ones who have innovated the most when punk hairstylesThis may be because they express themselves through their hair and punk aesthetics can give them that special touch they are looking for.

In addition, that is a very radical and very marked change of style.

Side shaved punk hairstylespunk hairstyles for women photo

One of the main issues of this style is that no matter the length of the hair, any length can be transformed into a punk cut. One of the most common and the most used by girls is to shave one side of the hair and comb their hair for the opposite side.

That style of cut is one of the most basic and simple to perform. You can also accompany it with some colorful hair dye to give a much more punk touch to your cut.

How to make a punk crest

If you are a little more daring and want to jump into the punk aesthetic one of the best punk hairstyles It is the classic and never forgotten crest.

For this cut it is necessary to shave both sides of the head giving the appearance of the crest of a rooster. Depending on the length of your hair you can opt for a traditional Mohican or on the contrary a long crest.

Another viable option for girls is the punk hairstyle in layers. But you should not make the normal layers that make all the girls, for this cut and for you to follow the punk aesthetics the layers must be to comb punk crest

Long punk hair

This look will be very attractive for people with long hair, but to complete it you must have short hair on the sides and on the top.

But if you really want to have a punk style in your hair you must experiment, you can accompany any of these punk hairstyles not only with one color, but with several shades that allow you to have an original and unique look.

Do not forget that for the application of some hair dyes you should discolor your hair, this in the long term and with many repetitions can mistreat and end up damaging your hair. To avoid taking risks, it is best that these processes be carried out by a professional.

Therefore, we recommend that you also have hair treatments in your home, so that you do not have to suffer any kind of damage and can continue to experiment quietly with the different types of hairstyles that you want to perform.

Punk hair videos of women step by step

Punk hairstyles images

how to comb punk stylePunk hairstyles for women step by stepwhat does punk hairstyle mean

You can also be punk

Remember that one of the principles pursued by punk music is speed and counterculture.

So dare and start experimenting with that beautiful personal canvas that is your hair and express to the world what it feels. Do not forget the violent look, the striking colors.

If you already tried any of the punk hairstyles Tell us about your experience and comment. And if after reading this was born in you the desire for a change of look share this article with your friends.