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The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020

Peinados de madrina sesion maquillaje

If you are the godmother of a wedding in the coming months, you are very nervous about what you are going to wear. It is a very special occasion in which you marry a son or a daughter and you will want to be fantastic and enjoy that day to the fullest. One of the most difficult things to decide is hair, so today We are going to tell you what are the best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020.

Godmother hairstyles session makeup

We will see trends for all types of hair, so you will surely find your ideal hairstyle. Also consider what type of dress you are going to wear and accessories. On the other hand, the types of women's hairstyles and haircuts are better or worse depending on the face. Do not hesitate to assess what is best for you before making a decision.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: long hair

Long hair is one of the prettiest and offers more options when choosing hair. But it's also true that sometimes it costs you to endure well, The weight of the hair itself causes the hairstyle to fall apart quickly. That is why more and more are committed to light, natural hairstyles and without requiring much endurance.

Godmother hairstyles collected sideways

Loose braids are one of the big stars for those who have long hair. They endure a lot and it's very stylish. Depending on the type of braid, the look will be more or less youthful, but today there are many perfect styles for all types of godmother.

However, you may find many braids at the wedding, so the alternative is the ponytail. To not be a queue to use, you must give volume to the hair and crown it with some ornament to match your dress. It is a resource that does not mean it is no longer effective.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: short hair

It is quite common for godmothers to opt for a short haircut. The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020 for these cases go through volume.

Nothing to wear short hair "helmet" caked around the head. Now you bet on the volume in all its variants, and this type of haircut is the same for it.

Short hair godmother hairstyles

Even if your hair is not so short, but not yet a mane, it is best to give volume at the bottom. Detach the tips to give movement and give volume generating waves. You will be fantastic!

Medium-length hair godmother hairstyles with wicks

If you have a pixie cut, take advantage of it. You have two options. The first, look the cut as is and let the look itself do its magic. Another alternative is put on a tiara and make your look shine on its own. Choose one or the other, you will have one of the best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: half mane

Volume cuts also take the volume, that's why many 20-year-old hairstyles triumph. They are romantic, natural and very beautiful. They look good with many different types of dresses and cause a sensation. They are a safe bet.

Hairstyles of half godmother hair 20 years

Do not hesitate to opt for natural waves that intermingle in your hair. Forget the marked and very combed waves. It is better to decide on something softer and more subtle that does not cake with too much lacquer.

Half-wave hair godmother hairstyles

If you have no problems with the lacquer, this look with a half-length neck Infinite volume and eighties toupee is total. Obviously, it is an ideal look for a formal and serious wedding and a matching dress.

Another way to make the medium hair look is by combining several elements. In this case, a braid that acts as a hair catcher and a wreath. The result can not be better. Elegant, surprising, a hippie and fun point.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: collected

The collected are a classic among the godmother hairstyles Winter 2020. For godmother you usually bet on the low collected, they are elegant and distinguished. Even if you have half hair you can choose to do something small and discreet.

Small godmother hairstyles collected

If your hair is long and you want to wear one of these collected it may be a good option to carry a side collection. This way you will be more comfortable and the collected will look prettier.

Madonna reocigo brunette hairstyles

And for something more youthful you can always opt for loose strands. They make the collected look more casual and fun. A good bet if this is the definitive look you want to wear the day you are the godmother of the wedding.

Blonde Godmother Hairstyles

If you want something elaborate and sophisticated, try this collection in which all the hair ends up inserted in the collection. Of course, it will take hours of elaboration.

A simple collection but never fails. Ponytail folded and collected with own hair. Interior volume and to look collected manor to show off godmother post.

The straight hair allows the collected ones to work much better and here we have the sample. Picked up high with half bottom bob and bangs with middle stripe. A collection of the most complete, consistent with the elegance of the moment.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: semi-picked

In the semi-chosen sector, what is important is the large ornaments. It does not matter as much as the collection is but the ornament that you include in the look. If you also combine everything with braids, the finish will be much more original and fashionable.

As we have been saying in the rest of the sections, Winter 2020 is marked by volume. That's why you should not forget it in this type of hairstyles either. Waving the hair before carrying out the semi-pick is always a good base to get volume.

Side braid godmother hairstyles

It also doesn't hurt to try new things. In this case, the triple braid pretending to be a crown will make the hair also gain volume and, above all, attract strange looks

Another option is the semi-pick with crossed strands on top, dropping the rest of the hair, with undulations almost at the ends. A classic to turn to if you run out of time at the hairdresser.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: loose hair

Loose hair is worn as naturally as possible. The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020 with loose hair bet on natural and free hair. Only a little is marked with the plates, but it is not forced. the hair is allowed to take its course, the swirls make their own and everything looks as it should look.

Godmother hairstyles with flower crown

Again give prominence to the ornaments in the hair, you will be beautiful and fashionable. Another option is to accompany this Loose and brunette hair with a nice headdress That, yes, do not take center stage of the bride.

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: for curly hair

Curly hair is the most "in" this season, as it brings the standard volume. In this type of hair like to play with textures and spaces, That is why it is very fashionable to take the mane to the side, like the girl in the photo.

Side-length half-godmother hairstyles

A lot of volume in one area and little in another. If you also play with two different types of earrings, the final look will be impressive and beautiful. Do not hesitate! And, if you are about to risk, you can even show off your loose hair and show off perfect curls at the wedding

The best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020: for straight hair

Let's see what you can do with straight hair. The first of all is to bet on the collected. Straight hair, without shaping, does not add much volume, so it does not follow trends. It is much better in this case to decide on a pickup.

Big braid godmother hairstyles

Braids are the unquestionable protagonists of all this year's wedding hairstyles, including godmother hairstyles. So if you have straight hair you can always add volume with a large braid. You will be fantastic and very comfortable.

As we say, straight hair gives a lot of play and, in that case, it is combined with a collection and the rest of the hair with volume and loose strands. Arranged and informal, it looks great.

Finally, know that if you choose to carry the straight and loose hair at the weddingSurely you are beautiful. Now, you will have to wait for the rest of the family members who will want to do something at the hairdresser.

We finish with a collected from straight hair so simple as shocking A catcher It's all you need to crown this look.

Image gallery of the best godmother hairstyles Winter 2020

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