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The best exercise to eliminate abdominal fat, HIIT.

El mejor ejercicio para deshacerte de la grasa abdominal

As you have heard several times, not all body fat is distributed evenly and depends a lot on each body. For our bad luck there are areas where we have more difficulty losing fat than in others, and the abdomen is one of them. Abdominal fat is perhaps the most rebellious of all, as the preferential site where energy excesses accumulate. In addition, it is the most metabolically active fat, therefore, it is the one that yields the most when you need energy and not have it.

However, nothing is impossible, according to a recent study that there is a type of exercise that can favor your goal of removing that layer that hides your fabulous six pack

Young people exercising.

The proof…

Woman doing sit-ups.

In addition to being uncomfortable, abdominal fat is not healthy at all. It may involve a risk, since it is located in the abdominal cavity and covers multiple important organs.

Running girl.

To carry out this study published in the Journal of Sports Medicin and Physical Fitness, different participants were selected to exercise 4 days per week, varying the types of exercise. One group performed 4 aerobic sessions and stretches, while the other performed 2 sessions of cardiorespiratory exercise and 2 high intensity training intervals (HIIT).

What was discovered?

Young man exercising.

It turns out that a great difference was found in both groups, and what made the difference was HIIT. The group that did this training not only lost more weight, but also reduced their waist several centimeters and achieved a significant decrease in abdominal fat.

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In turn, these people increased their cardio-respiratory resistance, while the others did not.

How do you explain?

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According to experts, the fact that HIIT consists of short but intense sessions is the explanation why it is more effective, since it leads the body to exceed its limits and allows it to eliminate fat from the places where it costs the most.

So now you know … What are you waiting to go for your HIIT sessions?

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