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The best 40 men's hairstyles for Short Hair | Winter 2020

The best 40 men's hairstyles for Short Hair | Winter 2020

If you want to be aware of the latest trends and find the hairstyle that looks best on you, we leave you the best 40 short hair man hairstyles. A unique opportunity to prepare your hair for Winter 2020.

Short hair man hairstyles 10

Trends in Short Hairstyles for Short Hair Winter 2020

Although it seems that hairdressing is a more feminine sector, every time they are more men who take care of their image and they are pending the latest trends, so do not lose detail of the style proposals that we present in this article.

As you will see, we are not going to show photographs of famous people but it is they who usually mark the fashions, being men of all ages who look at their types of hairstyles and then want to cut their hair in a similar way. That does not imply that you cannot find some of his outfits in the photographs that make up the gallery.

As you will see, the vast majority bet on short hair mens hairstyles, although there have been years when the tendency was to wear long or medium hair. On this occasion, we find that the strongest trend is short hair and, in some cases, a little long in the upper area.

Of course, among the photographs and trends for this new season you will see classic hairstyles that do not pass the season, although they are not new. The combed crest hair or raised up with wax or jelly will still be present, but more than as a trend as a classic that does not go out of style; Similarly, the subtle male bangs will also be a trend that will continue during the next season.

Men Hairstyles for Short Hair with Toupee Winter 2020

If you look at its temporality, the toupee It has been an important asset in men's hair for many years, just think of Elvis Presley. The detail is how the type of toupee is changing over the years, how it can be a very versatile hairstyle that can be combined with different styles.

Today, the toupee is a habitual of male hairstyles but always conferring a Look not recharged if not careful. The rather long hair of the upper area is pulled back and fixed with a little lacquer, gel or wax, depending on the tastes of each, but does not require great care or much time in front of the mirror.

Therefore, to wear this type of hairstyle will be required to have the slightly long hair in the upper area, while on the sides it goes to everyone's taste, being able to take it more or less short.

Even so, you are also likely to encounter people who look a Presley-style classic toupee, but they are those that follow retro trends more than general fashion.

Men Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Winter 2020

Curly or wavy hair can be worn in multiple ways and get the most out of curls, it all depends on the type of curl each one has.

A hair like wide or wavy curls can look perfectly as in the first image, a little long, with disheveled effect and that usually gives a very youthful appearance. It does not require excessive care when combing it but it is necessary to be careful to go to the hairdresser to trim it with some regularity to maintain a good length, which is not excessive.

If you are looking for a hairstyle with curly hair but that is more serious (to define it in some way), an interesting option, both for wavy hair or very small curls, is this type of hairstyle that is shorter on the sides and in the lower area of the head but that is left a little longer in the upper area to show off the curls.

Hairstyles Man for Short Hair with crest Winter 2020

We could define the crest hairstyles like those who have the shortest hair in the lateral zone and longer in the central one and who, to this hair of the central zone, combs upwards. Depending on the season and the style of each, you will see that the crest can acquire certain shapes.

We have seen crests to the side, upwards or crests that reached the lower part of the head. Today the crest has acquired a more classic and sophisticated version, with a more natural look that is not based directly on gumming the hair and putting it on as skewers, but only wearing it elevated.

In the gallery of images you will be able to find many more photographs to see our proposals within this type of hairstyle, where you can also see how the crests and the lateral cut vary depending on the features of each one.

As always, if in doubt, if you have a hairdresser with a good eye for trends and for styling, Ask him which is the most suitable cut for your face.

Hairstyles Man for Short Hair and disheveled effect Winter 2020

The disheveled effect It is not a haircut, but rather a type of hairstyle that anyone with slightly long hair can wear. That is, if you like the effect of disheveled hair it will be a necessary requirement that you look a little long hair, it would not be worth it to be too short because there would be nothing that could be disheveled.

This type of hairstyle attracts because it offers a very natural version and image of oneself, with a hairstyle that does not require over-care or products to fix it.

We have selected two images so you can see the type of haircut you can take, from shorter on the sides to a little more even.

Hairstyles Man for Short Hair and side stripe Winter 2020

The side hairstyles They are still a classic that will never disappear and that we can see combined with any of the previous hairstyles, because sometimes it is an essential step to be able to do the type of hairstyle you want.

This type of hairstyle can be done with short or long hair, regardless of the style you like. So do not miss the opportunity to place yourself in front of the mirror and see what would be the best option for you, where the line would go and if it suits you.

Men Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs Winter 2020

The bangs in men It does not acquire exactly the same characteristics as in women, it is only a hair that covers a certain part of the forehead but is not expressly cut for this type of function.

In this year's trends will continue to be present slightly longer hair and that can fall on the eyes, as in the images that we show you.

An interesting aspect of this type of hairstyles is that you can combine it with previous hairstyles to vary depending on what you want every day. For example, you can place the hair back and fix it.

There are many options that you will be able to enjoy this year, but do not hesitate to look at what type of hairstyles are the ones that go best with your features.

Easy hairstyles for short hair Piamavera Winter 2020

The easiest hairstyle for men for short hair Winter 2020 is to wear it back as we see in the picture. To do this, we recommend fixing it with wax instead of gum because it soils the hair less and crushes it less. If you want a little more volume we recommend finishing the hairstyle with the dryer, pushing back hair.

Easy hairstyles short hair man back

However, if you have shorter hair, this hairstyle will be a little harder for you to comb it back and, in addition, it will not be too. In this case you can also choose to leave it with the stripe to the side and if you want it too repeated, you can do the same toupee but keeping the stripe and doing the toupee to the side. We also recommend with wax and dryer.

Here you can see more ideas of easy hairstyles for men for short hair Winter 2020:

Pictures of Men's Hairstyles for Short Hair Winter 2020