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The best 13 drinks to lose weight and start losing weight

The best 13 drinks to lose weight and start losing weight

Are you about to start a diet? Homemade and natural drinks can make you lose up to five kilograms per week.

I am going to leave you several juices or juices so that you can prepare them at home and get some kilos to get a better body this summer.

The question you ask each summer how to lose weight? You start with the famous diets to burn fat, exercise to lose weight and surely you go crazy and you can not lose even one gram.

And above all,

Do you want to look good in your swimsuit or would you like to wear clothes that you have stored that no longer fit you?

Take note of the drinks to reduce your weight, they are natural juices with seasonal fruits that you probably have at home.

What drinks to drink to lose weight?

Thinking that drinks serve to lose weight I realized that always the most recommended are those that nature gives us where we can find those homemade weight loss drinks that with only a few fruits and vegetables that we buy in a store or supermarket we can Improve our quality of life.

I remember that my grandmother always told me that we are what we eat and that if we want to spend less money going to the doctor, it is best to eat healthy and through what the land offers us.

Juice and Juice Recipes that will make you lose weight in a healthy and fast way

There are no magic solutions but there is a natural and refreshing thing that can help you eat a healthy and nutrient-rich diet to be fit and in harmony with your body.

How to make drinks to lose weight?

Here I mention the slimming juices that worked for me and was recommended by a nutritionist friend, but I can't help but mention that drinking 2 liters of water is very important and a good way to combat fatness as well as to make those difficult fats from body may disappear.

Coconut Water Juice

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<p>It is one of the drinks with the lowest calories but that has abundant electrolytes which benefits your nervous system and calms the anxiety, I advise you to start trying this drink.</p>
<p>The best thing it has is that it moisturizes you not only helps you lower but also keeps your skin fresh and helps your metabolism.</p>
<p>It is for me the most complete, do not buy those that are already prepared because they bring sugar, buy the Coconut fruit and drink the natural juice.</p>
<h3 id=Green tea: green drinks for weight loss

This you must take very cold because it is more effective in this way.

Did you know that if you drink it helps you not to be constipated? Believe it or not, this helps your metabolism and especially what matters most to burn fat quickly can help you burn up to 45% more fat than commercial drinks.

Invite your best friend to take tea to your house, burn fat and have a good time!

Kiwi, Spinach and Lettuce Juice: natural drinks for weight loss

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<p>This juice is simple, with a blender place in them a kiwi, some lettuce leaves no more than three, and two spinach because it contains more liquid, add cold water so that the preparation is not very thick and if you want you can sweeten it with Some fruit something sweeter like strawberries.</p>
<p>This is a delicious smoothie to lose weight that I recommend and very refreshing for the summer in my case I was thirsty.</p>
<p>The properties offered by this preparation is an antioxidant that causes you to burn calories but in turn helps you to be more energized, thanks to the vitamin C and chlorophyll it contains.</p>
<p>These recipes for natural juices for weight loss are the best.</p>
<h3 id=Grapefruit juice

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<p>Grapefruits are going to get easily at this time and are economical.</p>
<p>This is one of my favorites because only by taking one base per day, I recommend you in the morning on an empty stomach you can burn fat and lose weight quickly.</p>
<h3 id=Jamaica's water

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<p>This you have to buy the flowers somewhere that sell herbs and you have to boil them only five minutes.</p>
<p>It has diuretic properties, this way it will help you lose weight without realizing it quickly.</p>
<p>You can take up to three times per day.</p>
<h3 id=Ginger tea

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<p>This drink should not be taken if you suffer from high blood pressure.</p>
<p>If you have accumulated fat I assure you that ginger sweeps with all. It has the property of eliminating fat effectively and naturally.</p>
<p>If you suffer from respiratory problems it is helpful too.</p>
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Cranberry Juice

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<p>Surely you have heard about the properties of blueberry that is ideal for infections and is also one of the main components to eliminate accumulated fats in the body.</p>
<p>Not only can you make juices but if you dare it is very good jam of this same fruit.</p>
<p>As you prepare the juice, easy to blend with water or skim milk and drink one to two glasses daily.</p>
<h3>Hot water with lemon</h3>
<p><img class=

The artichoke is ideal for cleansing the liver and especially is a sweeper of fats and toxins.

Buy some to boil and drink daily.

As you prepare them as I called you before I boiled in water for 20 minutes and then drink the juice.

This preparation can be stored for up to 15 days in the refrigerator.

Papaya Juice

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<p>Papaya has an envelope called papain, what it does is that fats do not accumulate and release naturally, it is one of the most recommended juices when dieting. What interests you most is that it will free you from those annoying rolls of fat.</p>
<h3>Cucumber, lemon, parsley juice</h3>
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In case you did not know, cucumber is rich in vitamin B, folic acid, omega 3 oxidants and fibers is super complete ideal for any diet.

This helps you to lose weight very fast.

In my case I tried it and it made me lose weight in 3 days only, but of course with a balanced diet.

How do you prepare it?

Lemon juice, half a parsley, and half a cucumber and liquefy it with a little water.

You should drink it for ten consecutive days no more than that.

Celery Juice with Pineapple or Anana

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<p>This juice helps to lose weight but also to purify it.</p>
<p>You will have a clean body of bad toxins.</p>
<p><span style=How do you prepare it?

Two branches of celery, a slice of Celery, a little water and honey all this to the blender and go.

Do not take it every day, day in between is better.

Carrot, beet and cucumber juice

carrot beet and cucumber juice

A fact that you surely do not know is that all vegetables are purifying and alkaline, which means that when you take them they help you burn by just taking them twice a day the fats of your body.

You will eliminate them daily without realizing it.

Prepare this juice with raw vegetables, you have to cut them all into pieces and put them in the blender with a little water to make it more liquid.

Drink two glasses a day for a week and I assure you that you will lose the kilos that you want so much.

What natural drinks are for weight loss

Do you want to lose weight fast? Some tips you should follow to achieve it

The important thing is that you understand that a few extra kilos is not the same as obesity that is a disease that many people suffer.

If you suffer from obesity it is always better to consult with a doctor, to accompany you on this issue and give you the necessary support to achieve the desired weight.

Do you want to lose five kilos? From my experience I tell you that the main thing is that you drink a lot of water at least two liters a day, that helps eliminate bad toxins from the body and regulates fluid retention.

Juices and sumos are one of the main sources to help you balance the weight because each fruit has some diuretic properties that help to take out the liquid that is not necessary and that bothers you so much, especially in the legs and belly.

Following each of the easy steps that I mention about how to prepare drinks to lose weight you will notice the difference in a few weeks quickly, as long as you respect the diet established in the week.

Do not forget that it is necessary that every day you accompany the diet with exercises, if you can not do them, put on your shoes and go for a walk for half an hour that makes your body feel better and release endorphins that also help burn fat.

Always remember this that without sacrifices in life you do not earn anything, so friend to put the batteries and lose those extra kilos that are bothering you.

Make the Juices that I teach you that are super healthy and will help you lose weight fast but accompany with daily exercises and a healthy life.

It is the best thing you can do today for your body.

If any of these juices work for you or you like flavor, of course you can share with your friends

and tell in the comments that you found each of the juices and which one gave you the best result, as well as the tastiest.

I leave you one of the best videos I found on YouTube that explains what drinks can i drink to lose weight

You can also visit all the diets that I was testing on this list that I leave below.

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