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The 80s Hairstyles was a fashion that everyone wore

peinados de los años 80

80s hairstylesAt the time of the 80’s, the frizz was the sensation, those people who had hair that was difficult to comb because of their curly hairs were the most envied. 80s hairstyles they took a long time.

Totally the opposite of what it is today since now more original and easy-to-do hairstyles are used; This was one of the most important times for fashion since hairstyles, makeup and clothing were extravagant in bright colors, allowing the free expression of designers.

The chemical products for the hair were widely used, since the bigger, disheveled and crazier the hair was, the girls usually used the permanent and on those curls were applied lacquer, spray gel and more, everything that was necessary to create these hairstyles totally out of the ordinary.

Super crazy hairstyles of the 80s.

Definitely the hairstyles of this era, we can never forget them, although who knows ?, maybe someday they will be back in fashion, many of them They are hairstyles that marked a lot of people, So you can try some.

Other items that you are sure to like:

Hair with a lot of frizz. The 80s most demanded hair style

Hair with a lot of frizzThe fashion of that moment was to wear totally spongy hair, the women sprayed themselves with a lot of hairspray to achieve that frizz effect that they liked so much, to achieve that effect with a comb you had to tangle your hair and fix those tangles with spray lacquer .

Funny high tails as 80´s hairstyle

Funny tall tailTall pigtails are not saved from those totally crazy styles, if you wanted to use a high pigtail you had to give it a special touch with gel, the effect of plume or parrot tail was the most used, definitely the word to describe this era is extravagance.

Fully raised hair

Fully raised hairIt doesn't matter if you had long or short hair, you should give it that spongy or unusual touch, this is an example of the hairstyle that women with short hair used, with the help of a comb and a lot of hair gel they lifted in their totality, leaving only the bangs free of gel.

Nowadays, if you wear a hairstyle like that, they will look a bit odd, but at that time the women who used it were the sensation. What will the 3000s of us say about our 80's styles?

Thick and disheveled curls very seen in the hairstyles of the 80s

Thick and disheveled curls It's 80's hairstyle is a classic, you'll see it in many movies of the time, it has the extravagance of the 80's but in comparison to what we've already seen it's a little closer to what is used today, this hairstyle It was used for day to day, especially by the girls of the time, has its charm and is ideal to attend a retro party

Electric colored bandanas on the head in an 80's hairstyle

Electric colored bandanas on the head

Madonna is one of the divas symbol of this era and thanks to her these bandanas were fashionable, make a hairstyle where the hair is completely flat so that only a toupee stands out or your totally curly bangs were very chic, if you combined it with A striking colored bandana, you were very fashionable!

Particularly it seems something very original within the medium hair hairstyles that exist.

Raised bangs and many 80's style curls

Raised bangs and many curlsThe highlights at this time were the curls, those women with extremely straight hair did not stand out from the crowd.

At that time the curls could be molded easily and they were excellent with anything and in any way, while totally straight hair was difficult to mold and give the expected volume.

Teenagers loved to have their bangs up, it was a way to get anyone's attention.

Hair style Half ponytail curls in the 8

0Half pigtail of curlsThe half ponytail totally up was the feeling, especially if it was accompanied by very thin and abundant curls, this hairstyle has all the volume that the fashion of the time demanded.

This half ponytail combined with ornate makeup and unusual 80’s dress was an impact! We don't know what the people of that time thought, but the bigger the hairstyles, the better.

Frizz was the king of 80's hair

The frizz was the king of hairThe fringes with a hairstyle completely raised and full of frizz were fashionable, if you used super flattened hair you were the weirdo in society, it is one of those slightly weird hairstyles that will remain in history.

To achieve this extravagant and disheveled effect, a lot of spray lacquer was used, or also a fixing gel that they used to mold the hair with the help of their hands, and if you could get the majority of your hair up, you would be the best hairstyle In the city, teenage girls liked these exaggerated styles very much.

Eighties hairstyle for girls

Eighties hairstyle for girlsThe madness of the adults of this time was not going to stop with only on their heads, those of their daughters were also molded with these crazy hairstyles and full of frizz.

This is one of the examples of common 80s hair for girls with completely straight hair, although they were too small to make them permanent they were not saved from the tastes of parents, at least the bangs should serve to give volume to the hair.

80s hairstyle from side curly ponytail

Curly side ponytail

These eighties looks are to make a high ponytail and completely to the side specifically above the ear, all that hair with spray, comb and fixing gel should be curly, the more disheveled the curls look much better, because they gave that touch spongy to the hair that characterizes the time.

Eighties Hairstyle: Wave-shaped fringe

Wave-shaped fringeThose who knew how to do this hairstyle were very popular, they simply had to wear their hair completely loose and full of frizz, but not so spongy as to not divert attention from the wave that forms on the forehead of the girl, the fringe with help a lot of gel should be molded like a wave of the beach, it was a Super crazy and popular hairstyle for the girls of the moment.

If you want to try each of these 80s hairstyles you must have at hand, curling iron, dryer, lacquer and gel to fix, in addition to a lot of security, because if you go out with any of these examples they will call you crazy.

I hope you had fun like us with this 80's fashion and leave a comment with the hairstyle you liked the most.