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The 7 best half-length cuts for men

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Half-length cut

Half-length cuts are all the rage, so if you plan a change of look it's a good idea to keep them in mind. But what exactly are they? Very simple: as the name implies, They are measured halfway between short hair and full hair.

One of the keys to its popularity is that they are versatile. They allow you to experiment with a wide variety of hairstyles according to the needs of each occasion and even your mood. If you are worried about comfort, it is worth noting that, although some are more elaborate, many of them are almost as fast and simple as hairstyles for short hair:

Half-length cuts with the middle part

Brad Pitt with half mane

Brad Pitt has long hair, practically on his shoulders, in the zombie movie ‘World War Z’. To put it into practice, in addition to letting your hair grow enough, you have to divide your hair into two more or less equal parts with the classic middle part. And then you must pass them behind the ears. Is a simple but effective hairstyle.

Triangular half-length cuts

Timothée Chalamet with half-length cut

Timothée Chalamet remains loyal to half-length cuts. The actor likes to play with his frontal tufts on his face, as it has shown in different premieres and appearances. Here she wears her hair over her ears with the classic stripe on one side. The definition of the upper part joined to the waves that are formed from the middle downwards give the cut of the protagonist of ‘Call me by your name’ a smooth triangular shape.

Half-length surfers

Jason Momoa with half mane

If you prefer half-length cuts that don't seem too planned, Jason Momoa can give you enough inspiration. Famous for his participation in ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Justice League’, the Hawaiian leads surfer style loose and wavy hair. To get that wild effect, you just have to let it grow without intervening too much. When combing it you should always look for disorder. We must also put effort to preserve flexibility and naturalness.

Half-length cuts back

Charlie Hunnam with half mane

The ‘Children of Anarchy’ actor wears the neck hair and hairstyle very masculine. It is a measure less long than the previous ones, but the hair is long enough to implement different styling styles. Charlie Hunnam bets on combing everything backwards without weighing it down too much, so that the tips keep the movement.

Half-length cuts with bangs

Jared Leto with half a mane

Jared Leto always manages to surprise with his look changes. Here the actor and singer accompanies his long beard of a Half mane with a bushy and messy bangs. On the sides, the hair covers her ears. This hairstyle will soften your features and give you a youthful air. Among its disadvantages is that it is one of the options that will take you the most time in the morning.

Half-length cuts with eighties toupee

Johnny Depp with half mane

Johnny Depp has worn many different half-length cuts throughout his career, turning this measure of hair into one of his hallmarks, with permission from his goatee and tattoos. In this case follow the voluminous aesthetic tastes that marked the 1980s and early 90s. Without a doubt, it is a good time to try it now that a great fever has been unleashed by everything related to the 80s.

Joe Keery with half mane

Joe Keery (who plays Steve in the ‘Stranger Things’ series) has contributed to his casualness combination of half mane, toupee and hair behind the ears Go back into fashion thirty years later. We are talking about the 80s, so obviously, it is necessary to use lacquer. However, according to the actor, the secret of his shot is not in Farrah Fawcett's spray, as Steve tells Dustin in the second season of the addictive series, but in his genes. The actor says he doesn't need to do too much to make it look like this. It is only washed every two or three days.

Half-length cuts with collected

David Beckham with half mane

Picking up your half hair will give you a hipster look. It is also an alternative used by many celebrities with long hair when they have to attend an elegant event. David Beckham takes him by the back and neck. The former footballer understands that the occasion requires clearing the neck and collecting the hair on the back of the head through a simple bun at mid-height.

Aidan Turner with half mane

The protagonist of the ‘Poldark’ series, Aidan Turner, He bends over a high bun to pick up his half mane. It is considered that this option, also called samurai hairstyle, works best with some loose strands here and there. But that is a matter of personal preferences.