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The 6 best haircuts for 50 year old women → 2020

Beauty has no age and that is something that The MadRoom Always try to convey to all our clients. Therefore, throughout this post we will inspire those more mature women with several types of the best haircuts for 50 year old women.

Being 50 years old does not mean giving up any style that you fancy, no matter how risky it may be. You define your court, not your court. In this post you will be able to see 6 types of haircut for women of 50 years, which are very flattering and that adapt to any type of age. But be clear that there are no rules, you decide the haircut that you like and with which you feel favored.

Many of you ask us in our center about the most accurate type of length for your hair. Well, there is no concrete length recommended for women over 50, you have to choose the type of length with which you feel comfortable, youthful and favored.

It is true that we must be careful with short haircuts, since at a certain age we can fall into too serious cuts that give us a more serious appearance. The "Chop" cut It is very top for those who decide to be brave and bet on a short haircut.

For half hair we believe that the most flattering cuts and for which you have to bet would be the "asymmetric" or the cut "Wavy bob" With which you will have a very sensual and comfortable look.

On many occasions we observe that long hair is not a feasible option and that you think it is a more youthful length and with which you would be out of date. The hair length is not at odds with age! Since The MadRoom We recommend you bet and risk, get advice from any of our stylists and they will recommend the most flattering type of cut for you.

haircuts for women over 50

6 Haircuts for 50 year old women

1. Haircut «Mini Bob»

The Bob cut is a very rejuvenating cut, but if we talk about its more mini version, a cut at the level of the jaw that gives a sophisticated and current look. If we place the stripe to the side, we will bring softness to the look and we will take a few years off.

2. Haircut «Chop»

It is a haircut for 50-year-old women that ends a few inches from the chin, with the tips paraded. What gives us a very natural and relaxed result. Wear it with the stripe in the middle or bet with a paraded bangs. You will be ideal.

3. Haircut «Scaled bangs»

Haircuts with bangs make a difference, so a scaled bangs so that it blends with the layers of the rest of the hair accompanied by its layers.

best haircuts for 50 year old women

4. Haircut «Elegant mane»

It is a long cut, in the middle of the chest. Give it a very long layers, with a side bangs. If you also comb it with waves and a three-dimensional coloration you will provide movement, light and depth to your hair.

Continuing with long cuts, also bet on a long mane and with bangs: The bangs always rejuvenates, since it aniña the face and also hide the wrinkles of the forehead.

5. «Mini wavy» haircut

This haircut for 50-year-old women, ends just below the shoulder, is a very versatile half-length hair. Stripe in the middle and with a very defined wavy that concentrates on a single wave on each side of the mane.

6. Haircut «Bob»

The wavy bob, the long bob or a semi-collected bob, it is clear that this cut is the most versatile and each and every one of these options are very favorable for any haircut for 50 year old women.

The long bob is now being implemented among the celebrities belonging to the group of fifties. The long bob stylizes the features and illuminates the face. This long is also can become a semi-picked bob, loose on one side and picked up behind the ear on the other, you will be a chic and informal woman.

If you opt for wavy you will get it right, since it is very easy to maintain and brings a lot of volume to your hair.

Another super successful bob for more mature women is the asymmetric one, with it you will take years off and it will also give you a sinuous touch. The hair behind the ear is a gesture that will give youth to the look.

Now we are going to talk to those women who have curly hair and bet on your curls: free your curls and shape them with a layered cut, you can wear it super long and do not cut yourself with your mane.

If you light a rather wavy mane, cut some very light layers to provide some form. And if you bet on the center line, you will give your image a youthful and casual style.

As you know throughout all the posts that you can find in our blog, we bet on giving you ideas that can facilitate or give you ideas to change the look or good to take care of your beauty. But if you have any aesthetic questions, do not hesitate to ask us for information, in The MadRoom We are always at your disposal to help you choose the best haircut in Madrid.

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