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The 11 best curly haircuts for men

Corte de pelo rizado

Curly haircut

Curls have many possibilities. Curly haircuts can be very short, short, medium or long. Exactly the same as with straight hair, although the result in many cases is even better due to its greater volume.

If you have curly hair and don't know what haircut to make, the following ideas will help you make the decision. The first thing is to decide the length. Next choose the style. Seeking to be flattering about the shape of your face and your features will help you make the decision with which to go to the barber.

Short curly haircuts


Wentworth Miller in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Wentworth Miller is not complicated and cuts his curls so healthy passing the clipper to the same number all over the head. The actor rose to fame with a zero head in ‘Prison Break’. It takes a little longer here, but stays true to what English is known as buzz cut.

Kid cudi

Another bet on the buzz cut is Kid Cudi. Although this is not the case, moving the clipper to a low number is a great idea if hair loss has reduced the number of curls in your head.

Military court

Idris Elba in 'Pacific Rim'

Curly hair tends to some information. Some see it as an advantage. If that is not your case, but rather brings you upside down, consider a military court like that of Idris Elba in ‘Pacific Rim’. And since it cuts very short on the sides and the nape and is left only a little longer above, will allow you to be ready in the mornings in half the time.


Will Smith in 'Two rebel cops'

A good gradient never goes out of style, as this image of Will Smith demonstrates in the 1995 film ‘Two rebel cops’. In addition, due to its natural volume, curly hair is an excellent raw material where to sculpt the characteristic conical shape of this hair cut. You will need to go to the barber to have it reviewed every 10-15 days, but in the morning it will not steal just a short time.

French crop

Justin Timberlake in 'Trouble with the curve'

Justin Timberlake has combed his curls in numerous ways throughout his career. He has taken from spherical hairstyles to toupees, through this french crop. Some hairstyles liked more than others. This belongs to the best group. The actor and singer wears all hair cut with scissors and combed with side and forward stripe.

Lateral stripe

Jonah Hill

Although no one would say watching this photo, Jonah Hill has curly hair. The actor is proof that the iron and fixing products can work miracles to tame the curls. A good option, but perhaps only for special occasions. And it is that for the day to day the most practical thing is to wear a hairstyle that needs the minimum time and effort in the morning.

Medium Length Curly Haircuts

Bangs to the side

Penn Badgley in 'Gossip Girl'

Penn Badgley takes the long bangs to the side. The actor gives definition to his hairstyle while trying not to press his curls more than necessary. In this way, it achieves a very natural result. If you want to soften your angled features, this hairstyle will help you get it.


Axel Witsel at the 2018 World Cup

The spherical haircut has excellent ambassadors in the world of football, including Marcelo, Marouane Fellaini and Axel Witsel. With their bushy hair, these last two are proof that in the Belgian national team, good football is not the only thing that abounds.

Spherical messy

Donald Glover in 'Atlanta'

Donald Glover gives a personal touch to your spherical haircut. The actor and singer takes random strands and twists them in all directions. For the rest, it seems he doesn't touch it too much, which helps his hairstyle to have such a cool and natural effect.

Long curly haircuts


Corbin Bleu

Sometimes curly hair joins together to form ringlets as it grows. Since with their weight they pull down, these long tube-shaped curls result in a spherical hairstyle with bangs. Of all the curly haircuts, this is perhaps the one that emanates a greater candor.


Kit Harington in 'Gunpowder'

This is one of the easiest curly haircuts to maintain If you have long hair. In addition, it is a highly effective strategy to keep curls under control. The hair weight itself is probably enough for you to fall back, but if you need it you can also use the fixative product you prefer.

Stripe in the middle

Sail Adrews in 'Sense 8'

You will draw a more rounded shape with your hair if you let yourself hair over ears instead of running behind from the same. This option may also be interesting if you need to hide the tickets a bit, since unlike the previous one, the forehead is not completely clear.