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The 10 commandments to avoid spots on the face

The 10 commandments to avoid spots on the face

3. You will do the facial cleansing step every day

You can't skip it in the morning and at night! This step is essential to remove impurities that clog pores throughout the day and while you sleep, as well as to prevent the formation of spots. You just have to choose a powerful cleanser, apply it with gentle massages and that's it!

4. You will resort to exfoliation every 3 weeks

Exfoliation removes dead cells, Provides a uniform tone and improves skin texture. Is a must! The two conditions to carry it out are: choose a scrub with a special formula (depending on whether you are oily, mixed, dry or sensitive) and do the process every 3 weeks, in order not to irritate or unbalance the complexion.

5. You will use regenerating creams

They will be your best allies to restore the skin, strengthen its barrier function and fade existing spots. Invest in those that act in the deepest layers of the dermis and opt for those that contain an antioxidant cocktail. These will help you fight the effects of the sun!

6. You will apply masks at least once a week

Yes, whether they are your favorite brand or homemade, they still act as a boost in you Anti-stain beauty routine. We recommend those that offer bleaching and illuminating benefits, as do the masks that are made with yogurt based to clarify the facial tone.

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