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Ten tips for raising the buttocks, without surgery

We are not going to fool ourselves: having a well-placed ass is very sexy. If you have been blessed or blessed with attractive buttocks, congratulations! If not, we offer 10 very effective tips for raising the buttocks.

As explained by the Dr. Diego Tomás Ivancich –Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery–, it is increasingly common to see in consultation men and women who request a professional intervention to highlight their buttocks, because unfortunately they fall and it is not always easy to lift or reposition them. These are the tips offered to raise the buttocks without going through an aesthetic intervention:

  1. An effective classic. You have to get used to squats, strides and buttock kicks; They cost but they are the most effective. With 3 daily series of 30 each, it would be perfect … But you have to remember to be constant to notice the results.
  2. Pose a challenge. Replace the elevator with the stairs and do it also with the escalators. It is a simple exercise that will encourage you to improve yourself day by day. In a few months the buttocks are restored.
  3. Contract your buttocks whenever you can. Sitting in the office, at traffic lights, traffic jams … etc. Any excuse is good for contracting this musculature!
  4. Take a walk. Now that the weather is good … There is no excuse. It is proven that walking, at least, 30 minutes a day reduces the volume of fat accumulated in that conflict zone. Say goodbye to public transport, and stretch your legs wherever you go!
  5. Take care of the food. 70% of the body's appearance is in the diet. One must say goodbye to sugar, coffee or excess fruit. You have read correctly! Some fruits and vegetables are false friends because they swell. It is the perfect time to become a fan of green tea, pineapple or sardines, rich in antioxidants and with a good diuretic effect that keeps the body at bay.
  6. Drinking water. Hydration is essential to achieve a splendid appearance. Drinking two liters of water daily improves the skin remarkably, while avoiding fluid retention.
  7. Do not abuse clothes that are too tight. Tight pants are one of the biggest enemies of cellulite because they don't let the skin breathe and squeeze it, leaving a very difficult trail to remove later. Therefore, looser clothes adapted to the body is the best option, your skin will thank you!
  8. Cold shower It will seem crazy, but try changing the temperature and pressure of the water in your legs and buttocks, goodbye swelling!
  9. Massage Daily mobilize the area with massages and hydration (circular movements and always up) constancy is paramount.
  10. "Patience is the mother of all sciences". We talk about a safe, but hard and slow process, where perseverance and sacrifice are fundamental.

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