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Take note of the haircuts that will make you want to wear a new look this fall

Starting a new course is not something that should be taken lightly. On the contrary: you have to put attitude! Let it be noted that we have recovered our energies during the holidays and that we come back wanting to eat the world. And to achieve this, nothing better than a visit to the hairdresser to release a look that suits the new season, our new plans and illusions. To make it easier, we bring you the most desired haircuts of autumn. Surely you find yours!

Corte carré, the king of the season

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A versatile, chic and perfect cut to clean your hair. Patrick Phelippeau, brand director Jean Louis David, define it as cut Super g. In this case, the G refers to the word Gorgeus, which in English means beautiful. “It is a bob mane, but with a more symmetrical shape. That is to say, a square and degraded cut, with shorter strands at the top to accentuate the movement«. The stylist adds that, "This cut takes both wavy and smooth, with medium or ultra short hair, like the blunt bob. Even those with long hair can be seduced by the phenomenon, creating a false bob. It is, without a doubt, the cut to take without moderation ”.

When choosing the optimal face for each type of face, you can follow these tips from Phelippeau. His proposal for the triangular face is the gradient, «Because it leaves volume at the top, so that it provides a perfect balance to the whole look”. If the face is elongated, “The short carré is ideal because it will help you frame it and soften the features”. For angled faces, with the chin and cheekbones marked, he proposes "The carré with smooth lines, because it does not accentuate the features". In round or heart-shaped faces, advise "The long degraded carré, to give volume on the sides".

From asymmetric pixie to bowl cut

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This fall, short styles will stomp and will not leave anyone indifferent. On the one hand, swill continue highlighting the asymmetric pixie, degraded in two dimensions. As it explains Patrick Phelippeau«the length remains at the back of the neck, very paraded, to blend in with the line. The long and thick sideburns frame the face, creating a very youthful effect ». In addition, he points out that “It's a cut for daring women. It is not a matter of face, but of personality and attitude. Being a paraded cut and allowing a variation of hairstyle, it is multifunctional ». To maintain the cut, pay special attention to the bangs: "It should be retouched once a month and, the whole of the cut, ideally every two months."

Another short style that comes hard is the cut bowl. In fact, the actress Charlize Theron He has already dared. This is a new version of the "page" or "bowl" cut that became popular in the 70's and 80's. It is usually carried with a very smooth base though, as it points Eduardo Sánchez, from Maison Eduardo Sánchez, "It is also very flattering if the hair has movement and some wave, with more volume on the top." In this case, the coloring is very useful as a complement to enhance the cut. Yes, from the firm David Künzle warn that this cut on round faces is not advisable.

The hippie spirit returns

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Hippie "goodrollism" is established in the longest hair, which distills naturalness, comfort and some nonconformity. There are different options, depending on each type of hair and style. On the one hand, longer and longer hair will leave the smooth end parked for bet on a wavy and slightly degraded termination. «It is an easy and comfortable option that does not require much work to maintain it», says Patrick Phelippeau.

For its part, the layers will regain strength, especially among those women who wish to forget about the dryer, so the finishes will be more spontaneous and relaxed. The abundant bangs and type bardot They will be the perfect complement to these mane.

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