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Take care, strengthen and prevent hair loss with Indiba Deep Beauty hair

Only a few weeks ago I was invited to the center that Xavier Alsina Perruquers It has on the Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. I was willing to discover what the ritual for hair care that this professional has long applied in the cabin of his establishment. The goal of treatment was to strengthen the hair and prevent its fall.

As work – fortunately – can we, I asked for an appointment at the last minute, and they gave it to me at 8 in the afternoon. Neither Xavier nor I was in a hurry, so he could entertain and convey his passion for his profession and for the benefits he was finding in the treatment he was going to know in the first person. "I've tried others, which have also given me a great result," he explained, "but I am very happy with Indiba Deep beauty hair. Meets all my expectations and with the of my customers«.

Xavier started reminding me that hair loss is derived, in large part, from poor oxygenation and blood circulation in the scalp area. If blood does not carry nutrients to the hair bulb, it will weaken and fall. “At first,” Xavier explained to me, “the treatments and massages to treat the fall were limited, solely and exclusively, to the scalp. Over time it was seen that in order to improve the efficacy of the treatment, it was necessary to treat from the lower part of the neck, later also the shoulder blades and, Nowadays, we are already clear that with a contracted back it is much easier for hair loss to be greater. That is why – he told me – a great part of the time that I dedicate to the treatment with Indiba Deep Beauty capillary I dedicate it to the work and relaxation of the back, from the coccyx to the first cervical ».

And that was how I, who was going to do a hair treatment to know this team that had already discovered its benefits on my face and body, I was lying on a stretcher face down with my back exposed. I have to admit that Xavier had more work than I expected with my back … my contractures looked like a long rosary! After a long session combining different intensities with the Indiba team, it was time to work on the scalp. As he explained, the hair application of the equipment is designed to treat problems of baldness, hair loss and weakening. For the first time a non-invasive aesthetic team is able to favor hair growth and fortify it by preventing its fall from the first sessions and without pain.

Indiba Deep Beauty HairIndiba Deep Beauty Hair

The Proionic System respects cell physiology, increases blood flow and improves oxygen supply, thus fixing the incorporation of aminkey acids, vitamins and oligosaccharides for el metabolism and hair growth. This technology regulates the exchange of ions between cell membranes and promotes local blood circulation, essential for the treatment of the hair follicle.

Step by Step

  1. I applied Proionic Hair Lotion for all dry hair and scalp until it was completely impregnated. It is a conductive lotion, the characteristics of which are specifically formulated to vehicle the applied current, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. He used a specific curved electrode for capillary applications. He performed a pleasant massage with the electrode through the scalp by passing from front to back and from side to side of the head.
  3. With wet hair, he distributed 40 drops of Proionic® Hair Complex throughout the hair to condition it. He performed a gentle massage with my fingers to facilitate its penetration.
  4. Finally a touch of dryer and brush.

The proposal of shock treatment is five sessions (75/90 minutes and € 120/150 each) the first week and two to three weekly sessions in the three month period. The rest will be based on the needs of each person.

I have to admit that this session was wonderful. Between the explanation and the treatment it was almost 10 at night and we both went quickly to our respective houses for dinner. Thank you very much, Xavier, for your great professionalism and for your love of hairdressing and hair. By the way, after Indiba's treatment on my back, it was so flexible and relaxed that I came home floating!