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Do you know what luffa discs are? They exfoliate, eliminate blackheads and reduce excess oil without irritating the skin, and on top of that they are super ECO

There is a before and after the scrub come into your life. And the reality is that when you have never exfoliated your skin, or at least not regularly, you do not know what you are missing. A properly exfoliated skin is soft, has clean pores and does not accumulate dead cells, dirt particles or contamination. Exfoliating is the first step to have the luminous skin and also so that all the cosmetics you apply penetrate correctly and fulfill their benefits.

People who prefer mechanical exfoliants to chemicals they face a “but”, and that is that their products –which work by the physical rubbing of solid microparticles or rough textures on the skin– have many, many ballots of being little ecological: there are some with plastic microspheres that take eons to biodegrade and end up in the sea; with synthetic materials derived from hydrocarbons … An attack on the planet.

There is a natural alternative, and they are the 100% natural Wai Wai luffa discs. They are made of soft organic plant fibers They exfoliate, eliminate blackheads and reduce shine on oily skin. What makes it so sustainable and respectful to the planet is that luffa is grown, like any vegetable: it does not mean to deplete coral reefs, as occurs with sea sponges, which although they are natural, seriously damage the life of the oceans when they are removed. Nor do they need any chemical process such as cellulose sponges, which involve cutting down trees and also generate residues from the products used to decompose wood.

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