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Susana Molina's long bangs and other keys with which she gets a perfect mane

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Susana Molina He is living some of the most drastic turns in his life since he decided to become one of the contestants of 'The Island of Temptations'. The winner of 'Big Brother 14' has not only left her relationship for seven years, has also undergone changes in her health and career in Instagram how influencer.

The Murcia is pure inspiration for her followers and demonstrates it every day with her latest trend looks, like this flower dress by H&M.

But if there is something we have to talk about in this section, it is of his mane, of his long bangs and of his tricks to always look perfect.

The bangs with the ideal length

The Long hair Susana is one of those classic haircuts that is pure trend East 2020 and that feels great at all ages. But the key is in your curtain bangs to which so many times the famous resort to change their look.

First because it has the perfect length to be able to remove it when it bothers you the most and is super easy to comb and keep. And second because rejuvenates and balance the features.

An extra volume

The influencer does not hesitate to resort to extensions to increase the length of your hair, but above all, so that it visually has more volume and density. In addition, he also takes care of his hair through hair treatments like the one that contains more plasma botox for an enviable shine and use only products with natural ingredients.

Illuminating Wicks

Susana has not only found the dye color Suitable for brown hair, it also carries the perfect wicks to brighten the face and soften the features. Ask your hairdresser for coloring technique balayage or babylights wicks to copy your look in the most subtle and flattering way.