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stylish ideas for your hair

Corte de pelo undercut

Undercut haircut

A good part of modern haircuts focus all the prominence on the top of the hair. But the modern word here can be misleading, since the styles that are most requested in barber shops today are the classics: short haircuts at the sides and neck and long at the top.

The alternative (although there may seem otherwise) are more relaxed cuts that, instead of keeping hair at bay with the use of hair clippers, try to take advantage of their qualities. If you want something more to your air than the gradient, there are interesting options for straight, wavy and curly hair.

Degraded haircuts

Dominic Cooper with degraded haircut

Basically, there are two ways to wear short hair at the sides and long at the top: with gradient or without (which is also known as undercut). Although they have different effects, both options are masculine and highly customizable and flexible when combing.

The degraded haircut has a gradual difference in measurements between the lower and the upper part of the hair. Passing the clipper on the sides to number three is a good start. But when it comes to gradients, there is no default measure.

The upper part is left longer with the help of scissors. However, there are also shorter versions (some made entirely with hair clippers) that will give your hair a military air. Whether long or short, the key to it is to always ensure that the length increases (or decreases if we look at it from top to bottom) in a smooth and natural way.

Jamie Foxx with gradient haircut

This cut offers a great base for a variety of hairstyles. Voluminous and bright hairstyles are among the favorite options. If yours is not the toupee, consider a side stripe with extra definition in the business man style.

Safe bet for all ages, you can adapt this haircut to both a formal and informal style with the help of the right hairstyle. It also works with all face shapes, since one of its advantages is that it is possible to make small variations to achieve a more proportionate result. One of the secrets on elongated faces is to start with a higher number on the sides, or do it directly with scissors.

Undercut haircuts

Cillian Murphy with bangs

The undercut haircut is more casual because has a sudden jump between the lower part and the upper part of the head. The sides and neck are cut very short, while the top is left longer. Unlike the gradient, the top is disconnected from the bottom. In this way, it is not a short or long haircut, but a combination of both.

The length of both parts depends on your personal preferences. However, if you want to get the most out of this haircut, you need to make sure that the difference in measurements is noticeable.

Jon Hamm with undercut haircut

When combing an undercut haircut there are many options. You will have the opportunity to choose toupee, bangs, side stripe, back or bow depending on what you consider most appropriate on each occasion.

Recovered from the last century and updated for new generations, this short haircut on the sides and long on the top it will work well for you if your way of dressing is urban style.

More ideas of modern haircuts

James McAvoy with a shaved head

The buzz cut or shaved head is another cut that is sweeping celebrities. It's as simple as running the clipper at the same number all over the head. Shorter versions are an excellent idea to hide hair loss. If you have thick hair, you can pass the clipper to a higher number.

Especially recommended for summer, very short haircuts just need work. Consider the buzz cut if you don't have enough hair for other haircuts, want to harden your face or just for comfort: to be ready in less time in the morning.

Donald Glover in 'Atlanta'

Would you rather avoid too strict cuts? You are not the only one. Dispense with the hair clipper and leave the hair longer and at your leisure (always maintaining a certain shape) is something that is fashionable.

If you have curly hair, you can try a spherical haircut. Donald Glover or Jay-Z are among the best ambassadors of this style.

Milo Ventimiglia haircut

In response to the popular gradients with toupee, At present there are also many cuts with bangs and half-lengths. A good choice for wavy and straight hair that gives your hair a more relaxed touch.

Timothée Chalamet and Milo Ventimiglia hair is a great place to look for inspiration to wear longer hair.