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Strawberry Shampoo Is it bad? I tell you my experience 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog


You are probably looking to revitalize your hair, leaving it vigorous and shiny. Women always look for options and cosmetic products based on products that nature gives us. In that search you may have encountered someone who recommended washing your hair with Strawberry or strawberry shampoo.

Strawberries or strawberries in their natural state are rich in various vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial health properties. But it is only in that state that you can get the benefits it offers, so we will give you 6 reasons not to use strawberry shampoo.

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<p><strong>ONE:</strong> Strawberries added to other products both in cosmetics and in medicine do not have any value since as we said only in their natural state and ingesting them is how they can take full advantage of their qualities, benefits or properties. Do you remember what we told you about the Chilean shampoo?</p>
<p><strong>TWO:</strong> Regarding <strong>strawberry scent</strong> in some <strong>Cosmetic products</strong> they come from artificial essences, since the fruit in its natural state does not possess that aroma and in that case it loses it when processed. Yes, the color can be obtained from them, since it has a strong reddish tint that can be used with a high production yield.</p>
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<p><strong>THREE:</strong> Strawberries in their composition have a high percentage of water. If a genuine product were to be obtained, at the time of being processed, a lot of them would be needed, so it is very expensive to develop a high-end shampoo.</p>
<p><strong>FOUR:</strong> Like any cosmetic, it has in its composition other chemical products that cease to make it a natural product, so you should take certain precautions in its use and duly verify its formulation and approval by relevant agencies. Strawberry shampoo is a neutral shampoo base flavored with synthetic essence and sometimes with some added vitamins. You can also read what happens with the Aloe Shampoo.</p>
<p><strong>FIVE:</strong> If you are only looking for a <strong>strawberry shampoo</strong> Because of its aroma, we remind you that this delicious fragrance is given by a synthetic component with a strawberry aroma.</p>
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SIX: If you want bright and strong hair, the only way to get the properties of strawberries is to consume them at their best. To have your hair shiny and vigorous, treat it carefully, feed yourself well, wash it with not too hot water, do not expose it to high temperatures with dryers or modelers and leave it free every so often. And remember that any product in contact with the skin can cause poisoning or allergic conditions that can harm your health.