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Stevie Nicks wore the most relevant haircut of this season in the 70s

Pincha en la foto de Stevie Nicks para ver los cortes de pelo más icónicos para cambiar de look en 2020.

The 70s are, in the middle of the 21st century, everywhere. Fashion has been responsible for reviving garments, accessories, prints and, incidentally, hairstyles and haircuts. That is why today the style of Stevie Nicks, the star who has managed to take his aesthetic influence further, to the point of becoming a cult figure. In 1974 he landed in Fleetwood Mac and contributed to the takeoff of the band, which reached the top of the charts in 1977 with "Rumors", the eighth best-selling album in history with more than 40 million copies. It was iconic from minute zero: her wild and layered mane reminds us that we don't always have to look for the polished and smooth effect that Instagram insists on. Now that summer comes, we can forget about the iron and recover rock'n'roll.

Throughout the decade of the 70'sStevie Nicks was faithful to her characteristic layered haircut, a classic to keep her manes kinky under control and that the volume does not get out of hand. Weathered is always a good idea for very curly hair but also for very very straight, because it provides movement, structure and nerve to hair that needs definition.

Stevie nicks also gave him his personal touch by brushing it intensively to undo the curl and make the mane look rough and wild. Contrary to what happens today, Nicks was chasing the frizz effect of fried hair. Today we may not dare so much, but if we simply allow a well-made shag cut to air dry, the layers will make their Magic and they will help us achieve a natural and summery look that can be even rejuvenating.

Actually resort constantly Styling products and heat tools such as irons or curling irons are nothing more than going against the nature of hair. In fact, good hairdressers insist that a good cut and the right color are a sufficient condition for a good look. If we have to spend a lot of time styling it only means that we have a bad cut or that we are pursuing a standard capillary that belongs to the virtual world and not to the real one. Let's get inspired by Stevie Nicks: great even with 'frizz'.