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So you can recreate the most colorful makeup on the catwalks

So you can recreate the most colorful makeup on the catwalks

The 2020 spring-summer makeup trends They have imposed several of the most colorful looks in the history of the catwalks and, to pay tribute to them in these times of quarantine, we reveal the steps and beauty tips to recreate them at home like an expert. Be careful, we will also recommend several shades to achieve them!


To start, apply a light base and a blush soft. Then brush your eyebrows up with a fixing gel and apply an eye primer. In this look all the punch look at itso pay close attention:

Place a violet shade with flashes on the mobile eyelid, blending upwards without reaching the eyebrow. It delineates the entire eye contour by lengthening the tip as cat eye, with a turquoise eyeliner. Lastly, blur the edges of the bottom line of the outline, put a pearl shadow point on the tear, pinch the lashes and apply a transparent gloss on the lips.

Recreate it with …


Combine your moisturizer with a little foundation and distributes on the face. Take a touch of concealer on blemishes and seal everything with loose powder. Next, define your eyebrows, put one lip ink Gently tap and blend a transition shadow into the eye socket.