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Smoothing with keratin Is it efficient? Tips to achieve an extreme smooth 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Smoothing with keratin Is it efficient? Tips to achieve an extreme smooth 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Today we will talk about some post and pre smoothing keratin tricks for this treatment to last a little longer and for you to achieve an extreme smooth.

First we must introduce a little about how this smoothing technique is. The Smoothing in this case is made with a product called “keratin”, and as we have already told you there are Two types of keratin: with formalin and without formalin.

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In this case we must tell you that the smoothed with keratin that has formalin, usually lasts a little longer and achieves a more noticeable smooth effect than the one that is made without formaldehyde. But as we know, today, keratin without formaldehyde is used more frequently because of the hazardous health consequences that this chemical entails.

We recommend that if you decide to perform straightening with keratin, it is without formaldehyde, and that you repeat this technique every 2 months or when you see that its effect is being lost. It is convenient to repeat the smoothing several times before suffering any kind of health consequence by using keratin with formalin.

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exist specific oils for those hairs that are going to be exposed to straightening treatments.

Mostly, these oils have a higher percentage of vegetable keratin, great flattering and indicated for pre smoothing treatment since it strengthens the hair fiber, leaving it in conditions to undergo chemical treatments.

Smoothed Post

After you have done the straightening with keratin, we recommend that you use special products for hair with straightening.

Today there are several brands and cosmetic hair lines that manufacture products such as shampoos, conditioners, oils, etc., which are exclusively for those hair subjected to these treatments.

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These post straightening products what they do is prolong the straightening effect of your hair a little more, through product maintenance, since these have less corrosive components that avoid sweeping the hair product.

Another trick for your smoothing to last even longer is that avoid washing your hair too many times a day and in any case if necessary use dry shampoo.

Tip: After performing the Keratin Straightening treatment, and every time you wash your hair, remember to do the last rinse with cold water, as it gives shine and does not allow the hair fiber to have friz.