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Simple hairstyle tutorials to wear this summer

Aprende con estos sencillos tutoriales de peinados para días de verano que hemos hecho para ti, con los que robarás miradas y conquistarás a más de un corazón

Summer is approaching, and women are already prepared with new sandals, dresses and cardigan ready to be released in the next hot season. But not to miss a single nice detail in any of our summer looks, we have this useful list of excellent ideas to create the most original hairstyles and let our hair be the best accessory this season.

Learn with these simple hairstyling tutorials for summer days, with which you will steal glances and conquer more than one heart.

1. A funky fungus for sunny days

tutorial blonde hairstyles chongo back

2. A relaxed bohemian braid

tutorial hairstyles woman hair redhead braid

3. The most feminine braid headband

tutorial hairstyles blonde woman braid headband

4. This sophisticated tall chongo for hot days

tutorial hairstyles woman brown hair chongo

5. The easiest and freshest collected

tutorial hairstyles woman redhead chongo

6. A simple but original way for a braid

blonde woman braid and double braid

7. A semi picked up sideways with double braid

woman brown hair tutorial hairstyles

8. An elegant bob makeshift

woman blonde hair tutorial hairstyles

9. A half pink chongo

tutorials hairstyles blonde woman long hair

10. A cute heart-shaped chongo

tutorial hairstyles long hair chongo heart